Glen Murray campaign receives endorsement from Kevin Flynn

Ontario Liberal Leadership

Glen Murray
Glen Murray scrums with the media in Maple Leaf Gardens after his Leadership announcement.

TORONTO – “Murray understands the middle class, jobs, and communities,” states Kevin Flynn. “All candidates for the leadership are fine individuals and outstanding colleagues but Glen Murray has stood out as the candidate with innovative and workable ideas on important issues,” Flynn added. “People I listen to in my riding say they want our next leader, and Premier, to listen to communities. Glen’s ideas for community empowerment and tax relief for modest and middle-income Ontarians and start-up business investment are the kinds of ideas that will bring real renewal to our party and to Ontario.”

“As Premier, Glen Murray would bring in tax cuts for modest- and middle-income Ontarians and  tuition reform and relief for university and college students, making school more affordable when they need financial help the most”, added the Oakville MPP. “As Premier, Glen Murray would also bring in community energy planning, so that cities, towns and regions have a say in energy projects early on, rather than leaving decision-making to Queen’s Park or big government agencies”.

Many of the endorsements in the Liberal leadership campaign have gone to Sandra Pupatello. Those include Bill Mauro and Michael Gravelle the two Thunder Bay area MPPs.

“I waited and consulted with local Liberals before deciding which candidate to support for the Ontario Liberal leadership,” Flynn said. “I’m glad I waited because I like the ideas I hear from Glen, and I think Oakville will like them too.”