Changes coming to Northern Travel Grants effective December 1 2012

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THUNDER BAY – There have been changes made to the Northern Travel Grants that come into effect on December 1 2012. reported on how Richard Moorey was facing ‘red tape’ slowing down his wife’s efforts to receive healthcare, over the rules on how funds are re-imbursed.

Here is the latest information on the changes:

New Requirement for Eligible Patients to Produce Receipts for Accommodation Allowance

Effective December 1, 2012, the eligibility criteria for the accommodation allowance will be changed. Patients who travel at least 200km one-way to access the closest medical specialist services, or designated health care facilitybased procedures must meet all of the following conditions, in order to be eligible for the $100 accommodation allowance per treatment trip:

(a) The patient meets the travel grant eligibility criteria items stipulated on the cover page of the Northern Health Travel Grant Application Form: Items #:1, 2, 4, 5 and 6;

(b) The patient has travelled at least 200km one-way to access the required OHIP insured services/facility-based procedures from his/her area of residence to the location of the nearest medical specialist/designated health care facility able to render the required services;

(c) For medical services rendered on, or after December 1, 2012, the patient submits an accommodation receipt to prove he/she incurred an accommodation expense.

Questions And answers (Qs & As):

Q1. Why is there a change in policy that now requires a receipt to qualify  for the accommodation allowance?

A1. In keeping with the government’s commitment for careful spending of public funds, the NHTG Program is now requiring receipts for verification and audit purposes. Receipts must be submitted for medical services rendered on, or after December 1, 2012.

Q2. What is acceptable as a receipt? Can I submit copies?

A2. Original itemized receipts must be submitted. “Original itemized receipt” refers to a receipt that lists the item(s) purchased and the individual price(s) for each item, for example from a hotel or motel. This is usually the same receipt that is produced by a cash register. The authorization receipt for a credit or debit card transaction is not considered an itemized receipt. 2

Q3. Where do I submit my receipt(s)?

A3. Accommodation receipt(s), along with your application must be submitted to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, 199 Larch Street, Suite 801, Sudbury ON P3E 5R1.

Q4. Does one have to pay for accommodation in order to qualify for an accommodation allowance?

A4. In order to qualify for an accommodation allowance, a patient must meet the criteria stipulated in (a) and (b) above, and must also have incurred an accommodation expense and submit a receipt as proof of payment.

Q5. Can I use reward programs, such as air miles as payment for accommodation?

A5. Yes, use of air miles, accompanied by a receipt is an acceptable method of payment.

Q6. The receipt is not in my name as a patient, will it still be accepted?

A6. No, the receipt has to be in the name of the patient.

Q7. I stayed with family/friends, can I qualify for an accommodation allowance?

A7. No, if you have not incurred an accommodation expense, you do not qualify for an accommodation allowance.

Q8. I had to stay more than one night, will the accommodation allowance cover the duration of my stay?

A8. Only $100 accommodation allowance is payable per eligible treatment trip – this is not a reimbursement, and is not based on the number of lodging nights.

Q9. Are travel companions now eligible for an accommodation allowance?

A9. No, companions are not eligible for an accommodation allowance.

Q10. Will my expenses for meals, taxi, etc. be covered if I don’t stay at a hotel?

A10. No, the NHTG Program does not cover expenses for meals and taxi. 3

Q11. I lost my receipt and can’t get another one. Can you process my accommodation allowance?

A11. No, an accommodation allowance will not be processed, unless a receipt is provided as proof of payment for an accommodation expense.

Q12. My one-way road distance to the specialist I was referred to is less than 200km, but I was asked by the specialist I saw not to drive and stay overnight. I have accommodation receipts for a night’s stay in the hotel – do I qualify for an accommodation allowance?

A12. No, you don’t qualify for an accommodation allowance. You must meet the three conditions outlined above in order to qualify for an accommodation allowance, including the requirement for the minimum one-way road distance of at least 200km.

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