The power of moving water can be very dangerous


police carTHUNDER BAY – The power of moving water can be very dangerous. That message was likely received very strongly by a group of swimmers at Centennial Park along the Current River on Thursday. At 5:45PM, the Thunder Bay Police responded to an emergency call requesting assistance to locate a female who had been being swept away by rushing waters in the Current River by Centennial Park.

TBPS state, “Family and friends were at a swimming hole at Centennial Park when they lost sight of a 40 year old female who went in to the water for a swim. Police, Ambulance and Fire services attended the area to assist in the search for the female. She was located down the Current River just before the Black Bay bridge. She suffered only minor injuries”.

The public are reminded that with the large amount of rain we have had over the past few weeks that water levels are up and rivers are flowing quickly. Caution should be used around all bodies of water.

A cubic metre of water weighs a ton, and when moving it has great force behind it.