I have always respected peoples opinions and input – Aldo Ruberto


Aldo RubertoTHUNDER BAY – Leader’s Ledger – I read with interest William Olesky’s letter (Multiplex: Where, Why? published in other media on March 14) which is based on a very short website synopsis of a longer radio interview. His personal interpretation of what I said is that the pubic is not capable of making an informed decision about the proposed events centre. Here is what I did say in the interview in response to the following questions .

Do I want a plebiscite? No. It’s a waste of time and money. We all know we will need a new events center. The Fort William Gardens has served it’s time and needs to be replaced.

Do we need a plebiscite on location? No. Do you want somebody deciding the location of a major events center when they have not attended any information meetings, did not do any research, don’t care if it’s built or not, or base their decision on only one factor…. like parking?

I don’t. If this implies that I do not think people can make an informed decision nothing could be farther from the truth. It states that contrary. I want people to make informed decisions.

“I have always respected peoples opinions and input….I love this city and it’s people.” That , my friends is a direct quote from me.

Aldo Ruberto
Councillor at large
City of Thunder Bay

You can reach Aldo Ruberto by email: aruberto@thunderbay.ca or on Facebook.

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