New Year’s Eve from New York to Thunder Bay


New Year's Eve in New YorkTHUNDER BAY – New Year’s Eve is a special time for many people. It marks the start of a new year, a time to renew and move forward in life. It also marks a time when many reflect on the year gone by and remember all that has happened in their lives.

Many people celebrate by heading out to enjoy a party, others spend the night at home or at friends. How people celebrate is all up to them.

One North American tradition is to enjoy the New Year’s Eve celebrations from Times Square in New York.

New Year’s Eve from New York to Thunder Bay will play live on New Year’s Eve starting at 6PM EST.

In Thunder Bay one of the gathering points is Fort William Historical Park. Perhaps in years to come with the new waterfront at Prince Arthur’s Landing that focal point in Thunder Bay could serve as the place where Northwestern Ontario and people from around the region gather for a celebration to bring in the new year?

All it takes is the dream and the desire.