More hot air on the wind farm issue – PC Candidate Gilbert


Fred GilbertTHUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay-Atikokan Progressive Conservative candidate Fred Gilbert is reacting to a recent letter to Bill Mauro from Liberal Ontario Minister of Natural Resources Linda Jeffrey.

Gilbert states, “The Linda Jeffrey letter only states the obvious. It is not a commitment to cancel the highly unpopular Horizon Wind contract. The Endangered Species Act will only be a factor provided it can be confirmed that there will be an effect on the peregrine falcon”.

“The Ontario PC [Changebook] gives a say back to local municipalities regarding green energy industrial initiatives. Remember as well, that the McGuinty government, through the Ontario Power Authority, has provided waivers to everyone with an existing contract that makes it extremely difficult to cancel contracts such as the Horizon one,” Gilbert continued. “More hot air on the wind farm issue.”

“As per usual, the Liberals are speaking out of both sides of their mouth,” concludes the PC candidate.