Walk4Justice Set to Arrive in Kenora


Dream CatcherKENORA – The Walk4Justice team will arrive in Kenora today. Their expected arrival time will be 7PM, and the walkers will be going directly to the First Baptist Church where the Kenora Walk For Justice committee will greet them.

The fourth annual walk for justice started in Vancouver on June 21.

The walkers from BC are:

1. Gladys Radek Co-founders of walk
2. Bernie Williams
3. Mabel Todd (76 yrs old)
4. Alec Clinton (male elder)
5. Robert Bonner (male)
6. Marge Humchuk
7. Sophie Merast
There are walkers from other provinces as well;
8. Serina Worm from Kawacatoose, Sask.
9. Cheryl James from Rosen River, MB

You are invited to come out to show your support. There will be refreshments, and the opportunity to meet with the walkers.

For more information contact Judy Da Silva 807-407-0794.