To paraphrase a Blue Oyster Cult classic…. Don’t Fear The Double-Down!


THUNDER BAY – Don’t blame it all on burgers, fries, and sugar. The elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about when it comes to unhealthy lifestyles and choices these days isn’t what we are eating. It’s what we are not doing after we eat these things – namely getting a proper days exercise.

Nearly any food is fine in moderation when combined with a healthy over-all diet, life-style and proper exercise.

A lack of exercise and a modern day lifestyle which focus’s on spending most of our day in front of computers, relying more and more on computer apps (the umbilical cords making us eternal slaves to this form of technology), playing video games, The Internet and all that goes with it, cell phones + blackberry’s etc… and various other inert activities which rob of us basic exercise are to blame for bulging waist lines around the world.

Even in the wilderness these days you will find people (especially younger types) in their campers and tents sending text messages and playing Wii games instead of running around and playing, swimming, or getting any form of physical exercise at all.

Why learn to play an instrument like guitar, piano, or drums – just get a program like Guitar Hero and pretend you can play? (I used to shed 5 pounds of body weight every time I sat down and practiced my drums for an hour or two).

The other day my niece commented on how it was a shame that some of the movies and programs on the wide variety of French channels on Shaw cable – were not broadcast in English, as she figured some were good and she’d like to watch them.

I told her that those programs being in French should give her a good incentive to learn to speak French.

I then asked her if she knew how to say no in French. She didn’t know how. I told her it was sort of a trick question, because it’s the same word in French as well as English.

I then asked her how to say yes in French + if memory serves me correct – she replied “Oui”.

I told her she was right, then out of curiousity asked… how do you spell that?

In a response which I imagine would be typical of her generation… her reply was “W i i”. (Wii)

I burst out laughing of course and then explained the proper spelling – Oui.

But I think it really goes to show what an impact computers and these computer games are having on younger generations. Computers are nice and can do many things – but the number one thing they’ve done for us is turned us into couch potato types who plant our butts in front of a computer monitor for hours on end on a regular basis – instead of devoting an apt amount of our time to exercise.

Ask yourself this – when was the last time you pushed yourself away from your computer screen, turned the addictive Internet beasty off – and went for a walk around the block???

Now do you perhaps understand that it’s not the burger or fries to blame – but the total lack of exercise that many of us get these days which is to blame.

Remember people – your computer has an OFF button and there is an entire REAL world out there to enjoy and experience – IF you wish to get up off your butt and push your chair away from your computer and hit that OFF button now and then.

No need to go cold turkey or to live in the dark ages, just push the keyboard and mouse pad away now and then and do something else. Get the computer addiction monkey off your back.

If people want to get serious about health issues like this they need to stop avoiding the elephant in the room – EXERCISE.

And we need to do more then talk about it. We need to get up like that guy in that “Network” movie, push ourselves away from our computer screens and say “I’m fat as hell + I’m not going to take it anymore!” – then shut our computers etc… off and go for a walk or go toss a Frisbee around in the park or something.

‘Till people are willing to do this – I’m sick of listening to people bellyache about fast food, sugar, obesity, smoking, drinking etc… being to blame for all their troubles and the woes of the world.

Don’t sit at your computer screen high horse for 20 hours a day – 7 days a week, 365 days a year – with a beer and cigarette in one hand and a 4 patty 7-11 cheapy burger in the other – then blame your addiction problems on Leprechauns or smoke and mirror demons like fast food and sugar.

It’s all about exercise, moderation, and healthy life-styles. Including a proper night’s sleep, a healthy living environment, and a wide variety of other things – including a sense of emotional well-being.

To paraphrase a Blue Oyster Cult classic…. Don’t Fear The Double-Down!

Don’t Fear The Burger

Double Downs – have come

Once here – but now – they’re gone

Seasons – don’t fear – the burger

Nor do the wind, the sun, or the rain…

We can be like they are

Come on baby…don’t fear the burger

Baby take my debit card…don’t fear the exercise

We’ll be able to eat…don’t fear the burger

Just – beware – of – SPAM…

Exercise – and walk – a-round

Pounds once here – are gone

Romeo and Juliet

were not chained to their computer screens

Romeo and Juliet

were physically active teens

40,000 burgers selling every sec…with fries and a pop to go

40,000 apps running endlessly… a tech junkie’s fix of happiness

Another 40,000 screens online every sec…

We can be health-ier

Come on baby…don’t fear the exercise

Baby take my hand…don’t fear the exercise

We’ll be thin in no time…don’t fear the exercise

Baby I’m your Bow-flex…

The el-ephant is in the room

Here – just like – that burger clown

Came the last night of hunger

And it was clear she couldn’t go on

Then her mouth it opened – and the food appeared

A meal was ordered – then disappeared

First the Bowflex – and then – he appeared…

Saying – don’t be afraid

Come on baby…

And she had no fear

And she ran to him…(Jack LeLanne)

Then they started to – work out

They did jumping jacks – and push ups…

She had become like he was…(Jack LeLanne)

She had taken a walk…

She had become more healthy

Come on baby…don’t fear the burger

Come on baby…don’t fear the exercise

It’s not the burger which is evil and unhealthy. It’s people consuming too much of these things WITHOUT getting exercise and eating an otherwise balanced diet. The occasional bit of fast food won’t hurt anyone who has not already abused their body to the degree where it cannot handle any more. This is true with people who smoke and drink too much as well. It’s a matter of moderation, life style choices, and exercise.

People want to be told they can make everything better by eating more salads, less sugar, and less take out food. But the fact is they need to make life-style changes and get off their lazy arses and go for a walk or jog now and then and get some exercise or they are wasting their time.

Fast food, soda pop, coffee, chocolate bars, and sugar (etc…) have all been around and a part of our culture and diets for more then 50 years now. The new player on the scene isn’t some new high calorie food or diet. It’s something called The Home Computer and it’s various negative impacts on our health.

That convenience comes at a high price. We need to learn to use our computers like we eat our foods and partake in other pleasures – namely by doing so in moderation.

Do note, that if we wired up all our computers so they were powered by exercise bikes there wouldn’t be a single one of us with even the slightest bit of body fat.

As I say… stop ignoring the elephant in the room – It’s exercise.

And in our modern day world the home computer is the #1 cause and reason why people are not getting enough of that particular item (exercise) in their diet these days. Computer use is an addiction. Let’s put the blame squarely where it belongs and stop blaming it on the burgers and sugar.

Have the burger and the Coke. But afterwards get off your butt and go for a walk or jog, or do something other then sit and stagnate in front of a computer screen.

Or instead of getting a “drum hero” game for your Wii – get a set of drums and a healthy work out while you pick up a useful musical skill at the same time…

Eddie Doran

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