Mayor-Elect Hobbs Moves into Gear


THUNDER BAY – Mayor-elect Keith Hobbs has had a busy twenty-four hours. Since the election results confirmed Thunder Bay’s new Mayor, Hobbs reports that he has answered almost 400 emails, taken many telephone calls, and been meeting with media and supporters.

Hobbs commented that challenger Frank Pullia was quite gracious in congratulating him on his victory. Pullia made his way to Hobb’s campaign office last night as the polls closed.

Scott Hobbs, the campaign manager for his father’s successful campaign states, “As one of my final acts as campaign manager, I would like to thank Frank Pullia for his visit and kind words to Keith at the campaign office. Frank was a class act. Also thanks to Ken Boshcoff and Joe Virdiramo for stopping by to offer congratulations, to Aldo Ruberto for phoning in to offer well wishes, and to the council members who have since spoken with my father”.

Hobbs is planning to sit down with each member of Council as well as with senior officials.

Sitting down with Hobbs today, was to witness how his telephone has been ringing none stop. One call the Mayor-elect took was from Chamber of Commerce President Wilson who called to offer his congratulations.

On Facebook over the course of the day, congratulations have been pouring in for Hobbs from residents from across political lines. It appears that any thoughts of any rifts between the Mayor-elect and the members of Council are already moving to heal over quickly.

Likely the first item of business tonight for Thunder Bay’s Mayor-elect will be a good night’s sleep. That is likely needed for all candidates and their campaign volunteers after a long fought campaign.