My Name is Not Colonel Williams


Charles AdlerWINNIPEG – Calgary elects Canada’s first Muslim mayor – This is not an April Fool’s joke. This is reality in a country that is far more tolerant, far more decent, far more grounded in common sense than some at CBC head office would have you think…Far more tolerant than the Ontario Appeals Court would have you think. The appeals court that feels they need to teach Canadians tolerance by jamming Shariah Law down our throats. And in case you think I am just barking at the Crescent Moon, I am not.

Shariah law, the kind practiced in Iran received more than just lip service in a Canadian courtroom in recent days. It got room service from a unanimous decision by the Ontario Appeals Court that said a Muslim woman in the witness box has a right to wear a veil over her head. They – in a unanimous decision – overruled a lower court judge to insist that she abide by Canadian custom and remove her veil so that she could look the accused sexual abusers in the eye and look Canadian justice in the eye. The Ontario Appeals Court and that’s sky high up in the Canadian Judicial food chain – these are the men and women who get a serious shot at Supreme Court Status – the Appeals Bench was unanimous in giving the lower court judge the back of the hand for making a Canadian decision, one that wasn’t driven by the diversity agenda, the tolerance agenda, the agenda that says every tradition in the world is more worthy of more respect than our own tradition. The appeals court told the judge that not enough sensitivity was being shown to the woman’s religious belief and that a compromise should have been sought, a compromise like perhaps agreeing if she takes her veil off to clear the courtroom of all men even if the judge is a man? Even if the prosecutor is a man?

I am a man. I am not a blind dog in a butcher shop sniffing for and pounding on anything that smells like meat. My name is Not Colonel Williams. I am not prepared to accept the idea of a Canadian court telling me that anybody for some called religious reasons has the right to boot me from a court because as a male I am a threat to her because as a male I have such little control over my impulses that I am a threat to her. This is bogus. From my own perspective as a free man this is a perversion of truth and to pay fealty to it, to honour it in any way, in our own country, in Canada, is an assault on Canada.

Charles Adler

Charles Adler is a national radio columnist, whose show runs on the Corus Radio Network. Charles can be heard Monday to Friday online by visiting

Adler’s column appears on on a regular basis, as a means of offering new ideas, insights and opinion to the region.

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