“Dalton McGuinty is out-of-gas” – Hudak


THUNDER BAY – “Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet shuffle signalled more bad news for Ontario families,” states Tim Hudak, leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives.  “Instead of providing real relief for families, he made government bigger by adding two more tax-and-spend Liberals to his cabinet.  In doing so, McGuinty is confirming that government remains committed to tax-grabs and out-of-control spending”.

The PC leader adds, “After a summer defined by the botched eco-tax grab, SuperCorp, Mixed Martial Arts backtracking, OPP investigations, G20 secrecy, the HST tax grab, and confirmation of ‘illegal’ behaviour at the LHINs, it is clear that Dalton McGuinty is out-of-gas and that this latest cabinet will only provide more of the same”.

“Ontario families need fresh leadership and new ideas,” Hudak continues.  “While McGuinty remains fixated on sneaking in new tax grabs and deflect attention from its scandals, Tim Hudak and the Ontario PC Caucus are offering fresh new ideas to create private sector jobs and give Ontario families some real relief”.

“This shuffle signals more punishment to come for Ontario families.  As long as Dalton McGuinty is in the Premier’s chair the scandals, backtracking, and secrecy will continue,” Hudak charges. “Nobody believes that any of the new Ministers would have been any better at standing up for Ontario families at the McGuinty cabinet table.  Ontario families deserve to see a new government that will finally respect how hard they work and how much they already pay.”