Hobbs – Return the $3.5 Million


THUNDER BAY – Mayoral candidate Keith Hobbs strongly supports the return, to taxpayers, of the excess monies gained through the Debenture Tax that was initiated in support of the Regional Hospital.

Hobbs says, “Thunder Bay residents certainly deserve to be compensated by way of a tax savings, particularly in light of the fact that Thunder Bay is among the highest taxed municipalities in Ontario”.

Hobbs added “I wholeheartedly agree with this, and would further add that having knocked on doors from Current River to Westfort, the message is resonating loud and clear that property taxes are not only excessive, overall City spending is out of control”.

Hobbs says he “can assure residents that as Mayor, the 3.5% surplus will be but the first of many that will be rightfully returned to the taxpayers of our City”.