Sachigo Lake Walkers

Sachigo Lake Walkers Twelve
A celebration of youth… in Sioux Lookout!

SACHIGO LAKE – The journey to support the Dennis Franklin Cromarty Student Living Centre has begun. A group of young people from Sachigo Lake First Nation are headed to Thunder Bay. Their journey is to support the building fund for the living centre.

Journey of New Beginnings

In Sioux Lookout today (April 14 2013) The team of walkers has arrived. There is a celebration at the Indian Friendship Centre.

The video of the event will be up later today. NetNewsledger is in Sioux Lookout to record the event for Webcast.

The need for the DFC Student Living Centre is there. Offering a place where youth coming from Northern Communities can have a safe place to help them reach their full potential.

Sachigo Lake Youth Walkers in Sioux Lookout by netnewsledger

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Sachigo Lake Walkers