NetNewsLedger COVID-19 Business Program

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting everybody from families to businesses to organizations. This crisis will eventually pass but in the meantime, it’s important that your business and/or organization stay in touch with their clients and let them know how you are able to serve them during this unprecedented time.

NetNewsLedger would like to do our part in helping small businesses and organizations to stay connected with their clients by offering a COVID-19 business relief program. This program will be in effect until further notice and includes the following:

NetNewsLedger COVID-19 Business Relief Program – from $150 per month

o Run of Site – ad runs on every page
o Ad dimension -Box Ad – 300 by 300 pixel
o Artwork – included in the price but may be subject to a fee depending on how involved the artwork is;
o Publication of your business profile

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For More Information call (807) 251-2134 or email