HD Livestream+© Broadcast – Wasaya Group Youth Benefit Concert December 5 2012 6:30PM Start!

Wasaya Group

THUNDER BAY – On December 5 2012 – Wasaya Group Youth Benefit Concert – The event was broadcast live in HD Livestream+© from the Valhalla Inn in Thunder Bay.

The show headlined Shy-Anne who was simply amazing. It is easy to see why she is the 2012 Aboriginal People’s Choice Entertainer of the Year. Robin Ranger opened the evening’s event with some super music. Moccasin Joe offered his comedic styling over dinner for the enjoyment of the live audience.

The broadcast is in support of the Dennis Franklin Cromarty Living Centre and Youth Centres Thunder Bay. There were special information updates as a part of the evenings festivities as Tom Kam, the Wasaya Group President and CEO updated the audience on the latest information. Don Wing, and Jonathan Kakegamic the Principal of Dennis Franklin Cromarty High School updated everyone on the DFC Living Centre.

Pierre Mapaso from Youth Centres Thunder Bay along with some of the community youth shared their thoughts as well.

It was a fun evening. For those watching online who would like to help please visit www.WeeCheeWayWin.com.

NetNewsledger.com is proud to support this effort with our HD Livestream+© Broadcast. We hope you enjoy the program.

From a technical standpoint, the broadcast was viewed live with viewers from across Northwestern Ontario. NetNewsledger.com has offered a number of live events, including the Lakehead University Native Students Association Spring Pow, the Youth Centres Thunder Bay opening, the finals of Enter the Den where Thunder Bay High School students competed with their business plan before an audience of ‘friendly dragons’. One of our first HD Livestream+© broadcasts after we upgraded our web-casting capabilities was the Northern Leaders Debate hosted by NOMA.

An HD Livestream+© is a great way for an event to be shared with a larger audience. It also works well for conferences, concerts, public meetings and other events. What is different about our service is the picture quality, using our technology an event can be streamed in 1080dpi, and viewed over the Internet without using up a ton of bandwidth. As we were targeting some of the Northern Ontario communities, this event was broadcast in 720dpi. That way it would be more easily viewed in some of the targeted communities.