What’s Next for Online Betting in Alberta?


Online gambling in Canada finds itself in an interesting place. Even though the history of digital casinos dates back to the mid-1990s, Canada is still playing catch-up to some parts of how this industry operates.

This is as true in Alberta as it is in any other Canadian province, still operating via a complicated but positive relationship today. So how did we get here, where do we stand, and what can Albertans expect from the future of online gambling?

Canada’s Path Here

The first online casinos arrived around 1996. These early attempts at digital betting were limited by today’s standards, working off slow computers and even slower dial-up connections. Early casino websites and games were clumsy and not particularly attractive, but they still held that ever-present gambling appeal.

In Canada, online gambling at the time was still party to the standards set by the Criminal Code of 1969. This left a kind of gap in the online market, where laws hadn’t been set up to manage what the internet could deliver. Fear over potential harm then led to new regulations of the rapidly expanding online casino space. This has since helped keep the online gambling experience available in Alberta and Canada safe for players, though this regrowth post-regulation did start slowly.

Online Betting Today

In Alberta, the new regulations meant that for online casinos to operate, they would need to run through the provincial government. This both helped with collecting tax and ensuring that no services were able to sidestep their responsibilities to Alberta citizens.

Online Gaming

In the current day, such operation is now possible thanks to advanced licensing systems. When choosing an Alberta online casino from today’s lineup, you’ll find many of the biggest online casinos in the world have acquired these licenses. Services like Spin Casino and Lucky Wins use this approach to operate legally, while also offering special features like free spins and deposit matches to players. With thousands of games like slots, table games, and live betting experiences, the market in Alberta now matches the wider industry in the online world.

What Comes Next?

The future of the online gambling landscape in Alberta will likely mirror that of the larger online casino landscape. This means an increased emphasis on live games, a continual introduction of slots, and an exploration into the future potential of virtual and augmented reality technology.

It also means that we could see new casinos opening up specifically to cater to Alberta citizens. This would aid us in supporting local businesses, which is always important for a healthy local community. We’re always looking for sponsors for local sports teams and events, and online casinos have made a name for themselves from this kind of support.

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It’s also possible that Alberta’s government might invest more in their online casino offerings, as they’ve done before with Play Alberta. This has previously worked well with investments into the Government of Alberta’s General Revenue Fund, so there might be a return to this approach depending on how the environment develops.

Whatever the eventual approach in the years to come, we’re confident in predicting that the online casino market in Alberta will continue to expand. Whether directly through Play Alberta or with licensed websites, the future is a healthier market for Albertan players.

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