Sault Ste. Marie Weather Update: Cloudy with Afternoon Showers on May 28 2024

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Today’s Weather Forecast

Sault Ste. Marie starts the day with mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 7.7°C, as reported by the Sault Ste. Marie Airport at 6:00 AM EDT. The barometric pressure is 100.8 kPa and is rising. The humidity is quite high at 97%, with a wind from the west-northwest at 23 km/h, providing excellent visibility of up to 32 km.

Today’s Detailed Forecast

Today’s weather will feature a mix of sun and clouds with a 60 percent chance of showers in the afternoon. The wind will increase, coming from the northwest at 30 km/h. The high temperature is expected to reach 15°C, with a UV index of 6, which is considered high.

Tonight’s Weather

Tonight will be mainly cloudy with a 60 percent chance of showers early in the evening, clearing up near midnight. The wind will remain from the northwest at 20 km/h, becoming light in the evening. The temperature will drop to a low of 4°C.

Tomorrow’s Weather Forecast

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Tomorrow’s forecast is sunny with the wind becoming northwest at 30 km/h late in the morning. The high temperature will be around 17°C, and the UV index will be 6, indicating high sun exposure. Expect clear skies at night, with temperatures dropping to a low of 3°C.

Historical Weather Data

Historically, the highest temperature recorded on May 28th in Sault Ste. Marie was 28.9°C, while the lowest recorded temperature was -2.8°C.

Wardrobe Suggestions

Given today’s forecast, it’s wise to wear a light jacket or a waterproof coat to handle the possible afternoon showers and the cooler temperatures. Layering is key to staying comfortable with the changing conditions. For tomorrow, dress in lighter layers for the sunny weather, but keep a warm jacket handy for the cooler evening.

Interesting Weather Trivia

Sault Ste. Marie’s weather is heavily influenced by its proximity to Lake Superior, which can lead to significant temperature differences and unique weather patterns compared to inland areas.

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