Thunder Bay Weather Outlook from May 23 to 26 2024

Thunder Bay from the Courthouse Hotel
Thunder Bay from the Courthouse Hotel

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – Good morning, Thunder Bay! The weather today begins on a chilly note with mostly cloudy skies.

The Port of Thunder Bay offers up some interesting trivia from yesterday’s storm. Sometimes, due to the nature of our geography and our aptly named city, Thunder BAY, ships will come into the bay to shelter themselves from incoming storms. This is often neat to see as, not only do we end up with extra ships in our harbour, but we also end up seeing ships we might not normally see in our port.

Such was the case yesterday when the James R. Barker sought shelter in the bay from last nights storm. M/V James R. Barker is one of thirteen 1000 foot freighters that exclusively stay on the Great Lakes. Why? Because while they push the envelope for size on their intended routes, they are too large to pass through any lock system except for the Soo Locks located within the Great Lakes.

This begs the secondary question – why is this a rare sighting for Thunder Bay? Thunder Bay exports almost exclusively have destinations outside of the Great Lakes, rendering ships like the James R. Barker incapable of getting our cargo where it needs to go. This is why you’ll regularly see lakers or salties in port that’re 740ft or less (260ft shorter than MV James R. Barker), as they can transit the entire seaway system to get our exports to the St. Lawrence River and beyond!

Here’s your detailed weather forecast for today and the upcoming days, covering current conditions, forecasts, and tips to help you stay prepared.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

As of 6:00 AM EDT, the weather at Thunder Bay Airport is mostly cloudy with a temperature of 3.9°C. The wind is blowing from the west at 22 km/h, with gusts up to 41 km/h. The humidity level is 74%, with a dew point of -0.4°C. Visibility is excellent at 32 km, and the barometric pressure is 100.7 kPa and rising, indicating stable weather conditions for the moment.

Today’s Forecast

Today will start off mostly cloudy, but skies will clear early this afternoon. The wind will shift to the northwest at 20 km/h late this morning. The high will reach 17°C, and the UV index is rated at 6, which is high. Make sure to apply sunscreen if you’re spending time outdoors.

Tonight’s Forecast

Tonight, the skies will be clear, with temperatures dropping to a low of 3°C. It will be a calm and cool night, perfect for stargazing.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Expected Conditions

Friday, May 24: Expect a mix of sun and clouds, with the wind becoming east at 30 km/h late in the morning. The high will be 9°C, and the UV index will be 7, which is high. Overnight, the skies will turn cloudy with a 60% chance of showers and a low of 6°C.

Saturday, May 25: The day will remain cloudy with a 40% chance of showers and a high of 14°C. The night will have cloudy periods with a low of 6°C.

Sunday, May 26: The weather will clear up, bringing sunny skies and a high of 16°C. The night will be clear with a low of 6°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

  • Today: Wear layers to stay comfortable in the cool morning temperatures, and be prepared to shed a layer in the afternoon as it warms up. Don’t forget sunglasses and sunscreen due to the high UV index.
  • Tomorrow: Dress warmly due to the lower high temperature and the wind. A light jacket and a hat will be useful. Keep an umbrella or raincoat handy for the evening showers.
  • Saturday: Similar attire to Friday, with layers and waterproof clothing to handle the potential showers.
  • Sunday: Lighter clothing for the day as it will be sunny and warm. Keep a jacket handy for cooler temperatures in the evening.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Thunder Bay, known as the “City by the Bay,” experiences a continental climate with significant seasonal temperature variations. The city’s location by Lake Superior can influence weather patterns, often leading to unique and dynamic weather conditions.

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