Sault Ste. Marie Weather Outlook for May 21 2024

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Photo by Munzeroy Neekan

Good morning, Sault Ste. Marie! As we kick off Tuesday, May 21, 2024, the weather starts off partly cloudy with cool temperatures. Here’s what you need to know about today’s weather and the outlook for the next few days.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

As of 5:00 AM EDT, observed at Sault Ste. Marie Airport:

  • Temperature: 7.9°C
  • Wind: Calm
  • Pressure: 101.1 kPa (falling)
  • Humidity: 100%
  • Dew Point: 7.9°C
  • Visibility: 32 km


Today, expect a mix of sun and clouds with skies clearing by late morning. Winds will pick up, becoming southeast at 20 km/h this afternoon. The high will be 25°C, with a humidex of 26. The UV index is high at 7, so take precautions if you’re outdoors.


Tonight will start clear, with increasing cloudiness late in the evening. There is a 30 percent chance of showers after midnight, increasing to 70 percent overnight, along with the risk of a thunderstorm. Winds will be southeast at 30 km/h. The low will be around 14°C.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Expected Conditions

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

  • Daytime: Cloudy with a 70 percent chance of showers in the morning, and a risk of thunderstorms. Winds will be southeast at 30 km/h, shifting to southwest at 30 km/h in the afternoon. The high will be 19°C, with a moderate UV index of 3.
  • Nighttime: Continued cloudy skies with a 60 percent chance of showers. The low will be around 4°C.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

  • Daytime: Cloudy with a 60 percent chance of showers. The high will be 8°C.
  • Nighttime: Cloudy periods with a 30 percent chance of showers. The low will be around 3°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

  • Today: Layered clothing will be ideal to accommodate the cooler start and warmer afternoon. Sunglasses and sunscreen are recommended due to the high UV index.
  • Tomorrow: Waterproof outerwear and layers will be necessary due to the showers and fluctuating temperatures. Prepare for potential thunderstorms.
  • Thursday: Dress warmly with waterproof clothing for the cooler temperatures and expected showers.

Weather Trivia

Did you know that Sault Ste. Marie experiences a significant range of temperatures due to its position near the Great Lakes? This often leads to rapid weather changes, especially during spring and fall, making the city’s weather quite dynamic and sometimes unpredictable.

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