Crime Scene

GINOOGAMING FIRST NATION, ON: On May 15, Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council declared a State of Emergency due to an increase in violence and drug and alcohol-related crime in the community, which has overwhelmed leadership and is causing community members to fear for their safety.

“Our community is currently overwhelmed by a rise in criminal activity, resulting in a need for a full-time police presence in the community. At the same time, the community is dealing with the effects of intergenerational trauma, including recent suicides, more substance abuse, and more overdoses,” says Ginoogaming First Nation Chief Sheri Taylor.

In an effort to address the rise in crime, community leadership has issued warnings and by-laws and contracted community peacekeepers. Ginoogaming First Nation leadership has also appealed to the Anishinabek Police Service and the Ontario Provincial Police, who currently share policing duties in the community on a part-time basis, for a full-time police presence in the community to deter criminal activity.

Ginoogaming First Nation is calling on its treaty partners, the federal and provincial governments, to provide immediate support and resources to Ginoogaming First Nation to address the issues around community safety and the health and wellbeing of its members.

On May 15, Ginoogaming First Nation Chief and Council passed a Band Council Resolution (BCR) declaring a State of Emergency.


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