May 17, 2024: Greenstone Geraldton – Victoria Day Long Weekend Weather Forecast

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Raincoats and umbrellas

Good morning, Greenstone Geraldton! As we approach the Victoria Day long weekend, the weather is currently rainy with a temperature of 9°C. Here’s a detailed forecast for today and the upcoming holiday weekend, helping you plan your activities and celebrations.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

As of 6:27 AM EDT, the weather observed at Geraldton Airport is rainy with a temperature of 8.9°C. The dew point matches the temperature at 8.9°C, leading to 100% humidity. Winds are coming from the east-southeast at 8 km/h, and the atmospheric pressure is 100.6 kPa. Visibility is limited to 2 km due to the rain.

Afternoon and Evening Forecast

  • Afternoon: The sky will remain cloudy with a 40% chance of showers this morning. The high temperature will reach 16°C, and the UV index will be 2, which is low.
  • Evening: The weather will become partly cloudy this evening, with fog patches developing after midnight. The temperature will drop to a low of 5°C.

Victoria Day Weekend Forecast

Expected Conditions

  • Saturday, May 18: The day will feature a mix of sun and cloud with a 40% chance of showers in the afternoon. Fog patches will dissipate in the morning. Winds will become south at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h. The high will be 21°C, with a UV index of 7, which is high.
    • Night: The night will be cloudy with a 60% chance of showers. The low will be 10°C.
  • Sunday, May 19: The weather will be sunny with a high of 21°C.
    • Night: The night will have cloudy periods with a low of 7°C.
  • Monday, May 20: Expect cloudy skies with a 60% chance of showers. The high will reach 21°C.
    • Night: The night will be cloudy with a low of 9°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

  • Today: Dress warmly and carry an umbrella or raincoat due to the rain and cool temperatures. Layering is advisable to adjust to changing conditions throughout the day.
  • Saturday: Light clothing is recommended for the mix of sun and cloud, but keep a jacket handy for the morning fog and potential afternoon showers.
  • Sunday and Monday: Enjoy the sunny weather on Sunday with light, breathable clothing. For Monday, be prepared for showers with waterproof gear.

Weather Trivia

Did you know that Greenstone Geraldton’s weather is heavily influenced by its proximity to Lake Superior and surrounding forests? This often results in rapid changes in weather patterns, from sunny spells to sudden showers, as we can see in the forecast for the Victoria Day long weekend.

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