4 activities for a rainy day with friends

A soup swap is a good way to bring together friends and family for a chance to exchange recipes and share a meal. Credit: Copyright 2016 Yvonne Duivenvoorden

Stuck inside because of bad weather? Make the most of your time indoors by choosing one of these four activities for a fun rainy day with friends.

A game of bingo

For over 100 years, bingo has been one of the most popular games in the UK. Stemming from social clubs, it became such a staple activity that dedicated venues known as bingo halls sprang up during the 50s and were popular throughout the 20th century.

The original game involves physical cards with numbers 1-90 laid out in a random pattern, and a caller announcing the same numbers in a random order. The first to complete a row, two rows and the full house are the three winners.

You can invest in the physical cards and daubers and act as the number caller – using the original Cockney rhyming slang – or play a game of online bingo as a group. Either way, you’ll soon discover what makes this game such a favourite for friends looking to pass the time together.

Movie marathons

Another great rainy day activity is a movie marathon where you watch your favourite films back-to-back.

Begin by choosing an appropriate space and making it comfy enough for hours of TV viewing. Push back the furniture in your living room and make a nest with thick blankets, cushions and pillows. If the weather is fine, you can make a cinema space in your garden with a projector, screen or sheet and your outdoor furniture.

Next, set up a station with drinks and snacks so you and your friends can refuel without missing a moment of the films. Choose finger food that’s easy to pick at with your eyes glued to the screen.

Plan a group trip

Why not use the time to plan a group trip together? You’ll soon forget the dreary weather outside with the prospect of travelling to a sun-soaked tropical island or snow-capped mountains.

It’s best to start by setting out the budget, making sure that everyone is comfortable with the cost. From here, you can work out what is within reach in terms of destination and duration and browse the viable options.

Cities are great for long weekend breaks where time is of the essence. Why not tick off one of the best European capitals to be a tourist or explore lesser-known neighbours without the crowds? If you have more time to play with, plan an adventure holiday with plenty of activities to fuel your fun.

Bake or cook

Looking for a hands-on activity that can be done indoors? Bake or cook new dishes or familiar favourites and finish with a feast that will taste all the better for you having made it.

Investigate traditional culinary delights from around the world and experiment with using unusual ingredients. If you’d rather play it safe, teach your friends how to make one of your must-eat meals.

You could also run a fun cooking competition, challenging everyone to use their creativity to make different dishes using the same set of ingredients. The result will be a delicious potluck picnic!

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