An easy guide to the main varieties of Slots

Since their move into the digital realm in the 90s, slot games have only grown in number and variety

Since their move into the digital realm in the 90s, slot games have only grown in number and variety. Compared to the early days of classic fruit machines, there are so many options on offer now that it can be hard to know what’s a good starting point.

If you don’t know your progressive jackpot Slots from your Megaways Slots then never fear, we’re here today to outline some of the main varieties of slot games you’ll find out there. So, keep reading to learn a little more about the many kinds of Slots you can choose to play.

Classic Slots

A simple but elegant choice, classic Slots are styled on the early slot machines that first popularised the game in the US. These games generally feature three reels and a single payline.

This makes them a great place to start, thanks to their simple gameplay and lack of extra features. Or, for players who prefer the stylings of retro games and the fruit symbols of old then classic Slots are also a good choice.

Video Slots

This is a pretty wide category, including most modern slot games you’d find in either online or land-based casinos. The main thing that sets video Slots apart from classic slot machines is that they feature more reels and more paylines.

Video Slots can have as many as seven reels, as well as potentially hundreds of paylines in total.

Animation and graphics are elements that video Slots tend to place a lot of emphasis on, with theming that’s far more advanced than more traditional slot machines. With themes ranging from mythology and wildlife to popular TV shows or films, there’s a video slot to match almost any taste.

Megaways Slots

A uniquely online innovation, the Megaways game switches up the format with variable reels. Unlike many other slot machines, Megaways Slots have reels that can randomly show between two to seven symbols on a spin.

This creates a very different gameplay feel from other slot games, as players never know how many symbols are about to appear on a spin. It also allows for an even greater number of potential winning combinations, with traditional paylines swapped out for any grouping of three or more adjacent symbols.

Cluster Pays Slots

Another innovation of the digital age, Cluster Pays Slots also move away from the paylines in favour of a different mechanic. Matching combinations are instead determined by clusters of matching symbols – if multiple identical symbols are connected on one of their four sides they count as a cluster.

Matching clusters will clear off the screen, opening the way for additional symbols to cascade down into place and potentially form more clusters, making for a fresh experience compared to classic machines.

That covers some of the biggest varieties within the slot gaming landscape, but there are plenty of others out there for you to discover. No matter the type of gameplay you’re looking for, slot machines offer a wide range of experiences.

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