Winnipeg: Police Update – Clinton Desmond BIGNELL Arrested in Murder of Delany Nora DESMARAIS

Winnipeg Police

Content Advisory: This update involves details about a violent incident, specifically a homicide, which may include sensitive or traumatic information. Please consider your personal well-being before reading further, and decide if this content is suitable for you.

Update – Homicide Arrest: Case C22-264160

WINNIPEG – NEWS – As initially reported on November 12, 2022, around 5:20 a.m., Winnipeg Police Service was called to the scene at the 400 block of William Avenue due to reports of an injured woman.

Upon arrival, Central District General Patrol officers with the Winnipeg Police Service found 23-year-old Delany Nora DESMARAIS a resident of Winnipeg, suffering from a gunshot wound to the upper body.

Officers immediately provided emergency medical care, including CPR, until medical responders arrived. Despite being rushed to the hospital in critical condition, Ms. Desmarais later succumbed to her injuries.

The Homicide Unit took over the investigation, which led to the identification of 49-year-old Clinton Desmond BIGNELL as the suspect.

In March 2024, a warrant for his arrest was issued on charges of manslaughter.

On May 1, 2024, police located and arrested BIGNELL in the vicinity of Furby Street and Cumberland Avenue in Winnipeg based on this warrant.

Detailed Explanation of Charges: Clinton Desmond BIGNELL faces several serious charges under the Criminal Code of Canada, including:

  1. Manslaughter: This charge is applied when a death occurs as a result of an illegal act that is considered less culpable than murder. Manslaughter does not involve the intent to cause death, although there may have been an intention to cause harm.
  2. Careless Use of Firearm, Weapon, Prohibited Device, or Ammunition: This pertains to handling or using a firearm or any such related equipment in a negligent or reckless manner without due consideration for the safety of oneself and others.
  3. Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm: This charge indicates possession of a firearm without the legal authorization or license required by law.
  4. Pointing a Firearm: Involves directing a firearm towards someone, whether loaded or unloaded, which is considered a threatening or dangerous act.

Following his arrest, BIGNELL has been detained in custody pending further legal proceedings.

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