Greater Sudbury Weather – Rain Ending Later this Morning

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Raincoats and umbrellas

The city of Greater Sudbury greets the early hours of Sunday with light rain and brisk winds. As the day progresses, residents can anticipate a shift towards clearer skies, although there remains a risk of a thunderstorm this morning.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions: At 5:19 AM EDT, observed at Greater Sudbury Airport, the weather is marked by light rain with a temperature of approximately 12.8°C. Humidity is nearly saturated at 97%, creating a damp environment. The barometric pressure is recorded at 101.0 kPa and is currently falling, suggesting potential changes in the weather pattern. Winds are strong from the south, blowing at 23 km/h with gusts reaching up to 33 km/h, and visibility is relatively clear at 10 km.

Expected Conditions: The rain is forecasted to end later this morning, followed by clearing skies. There remains a risk of a thunderstorm during this transition. Winds will shift from south to west at 20 km/h later in the morning. Today’s high is expected to reach 19°C with a high UV index of 6.

Tonight, the skies will be clear with temperatures dropping to a low of about 3°C.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Monday, May 6: The day will start mainly sunny with winds from the northwest at 20 km/h, gusting up to 40 km/h in the morning before becoming lighter in the afternoon. The high will once again be around 19°C with a UV index of 6, indicating a need for sun protection during midday.

Tuesday, May 7: The weather will start with increasing cloudiness, leading to a high of 20°C. The night will turn cloudy with a low near 9°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations: For today, with the mixed weather conditions, it’s advisable to wear layers that can be adjusted as the day warms. Waterproof jackets and sturdy boots are recommended this morning. For the sunny days following, light clothing and sun protection are advisable, especially when outdoors.

Weather Trivia: Did you know? Greater Sudbury is not only known for its large nickel mining district but also for its dramatic weather fluctuations, which can provide unique challenges and stunning natural phenomena year-round.

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