Case Erectors 101

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Case erectors are important components of any packaging facility. With case erectors, you can package and ship several boxes quickly and efficiently. However, there are several types of case erectors on the market. This makes it challenging to get a case erector that suits your explicit needs. However, don’t worry. With the following guide, you can be sure of getting a case erector that suits your packaging needs.

Case erectors

A case erector is actually a box maker. This machine is designed to fold used, new, and recycled cardboard into packaging boxes. There are different types of case erectors. From fully automated to semi-automated care erectors, you won’t miss an option that suits your explicit needs. Before shipping your products, you must seal them. A case sealer is used to uniformly and accurately seal packaging boxes.

Quality matters

Don’t purchase any case erector. Purchase the right case erector. pay close attention to the quality of your case erector. Choosing quality case erectors means that you won’t have to worry about the uniformity and accuracy of your packaging line.  They will eliminate packaging errors, which often lead to shipping the wrong products to customers. Remember, shipping the wrong products can hugely taint the image of your company and even add more costs to your shipment. Plus, quality case erectors can design flawless boxes from poor-quality boxes.


Pay close attention to the carboard to be used when selecting your case erector. In particular, using poor-quality cardboard will result in poor boxes. That’s why you should go for high-quality cardboard. The machine performance is directly linked to the quality of the material used. However, you can still go for high-quality case erectors. These machines can perfectly create boxes from low-quality materials. Thus, when selecting a case erector, look at the material to be used. If you are dealing with low-quality material, go for high-quality care erectors.


Certain types of case erectors can be customized to fit into your production line’s explicit needs. Thus, you can program these case erectors to handle different packaging needs. Thus, if your packaging needs require customization, look for case erectors that support this feature. It should also perfectly link up with your carton sealer machine.

Automatic Case Erectors

Fast, efficient, and highly accurate, automatic case erectors will perform any packaging task with minimal human involvement. This means that you can save a lot of money in terms of labor costs., Plus, they don’t give room for errors. Plus, they guarantee the safety of your workers.

Semi-Automatic Erectors

Semi-automatic case erectors employ some level of automation. These case erectors are ideal for those looking to save space and lower costs. They can handle different sizes. Still more, they can handle boxes of any configurations.

Other Tips

Before selecting your case erector, consider the following additional tips:

  • Look at the features of the case erector
  • Check the case firmer
  • Check the speed
  • Look at the lateral drive belts

The Bottom-Line

The above article will help you choose the right case erector. These factors will surely guide you into selecting a reliable, efficient, and durable case erector.

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