April 29 2024 – Northeast Fire Region Update: Active Wildland Fires and Burning Regulations Now in Effect

Brave Men and Women battle the region's wildfires!
Brave Men and Women battle the region's wildfires!

Current Fire Status and Regulations

As of April 29, 2024, the Northeast Fire Region of Ontario is actively managing one ongoing wildland fire, with an additional five fires reported since the last update. The region is subject to Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations, which are crucial for preventing and managing wildfires.

Fire Details and Updates

The latest significant fire, known as Cochrane 2 (COC002), is being monitored closely. This fire covers 30 hectares and is situated approximately 160 kilometers northwest of Moosonee and 80 kilometers west of Fort Albany 67. Other fires, such as Cochrane 1, Hearst 2 and 3, Sudbury 1, and Parry Sound 1, have been successfully controlled and called out. Regular updates will be provided every Monday and Thursday, with the next scheduled for Thursday, May 2.

Fire Hazard and Safety Measures

The fire hazard remains low in areas south of Timmins and Wawa, but vigilance is necessary. Residents are urged to adhere strictly to outdoor burning regulations: fires should only be ignited no sooner than two hours before sunset and must be extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise. Adequate tools and water should always be on hand to manage fires.

Reporting and Resources

To report a wildland fire north of the French and Mattawa rivers, residents should dial 310-FIRE. For areas south of these rivers, the emergency contact is 9-1-1. For ongoing updates and fire prevention tips, the public is encouraged to follow Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) at @ONforestfires and @ONfeudeforet, or visit the official website at www.ontario.ca/forestfire.

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