April 21, 2024: Toronto Detailed Weather Forecast

Toronto TTC Streetcar

TORONTO – WEATHER – Getting set for Sunday and looking at the week ahead, Toronto will see variable spring weather. Today and into Monday will be free of precipitation, however by Wednesday it will be back to the rain zone for a couple of days.

As dawn breaks over Toronto this Sunday, the city is experiencing a cool, mostly cloudy morning with a slight chill in the air. Observed from Toronto Pearson International Airport at 7:00 AM EDT, today’s weather holds subtle signs of a typical spring day with variable cloudiness and gentle breezes.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

Toronto welcomes the day with a temperature of 3.4°C, under mostly cloudy skies. The barometric pressure is currently 101.7 kPa and showing a falling trend, suggesting possible changes in the weather as the day progresses.

The dew point stands at -2.2°C, contributing to a relative humidity of 67%, making the air feel brisk but not overly damp. A west wind blows at 15 km/h, enhancing the coolness of the morning. Visibility is excellent at 24 km, allowing for clear views across the city.

Expected Conditions

Looking ahead, Toronto should prepare for similar conditions with temperatures hovering around the low single digits in the early morning and reaching up to 9°C in the afternoon. The mostly cloudy skies will persist, with the possibility of brief sunny intervals. Winds are expected to shift slightly to the southwest, maintaining light to moderate speeds.

No significant precipitation is forecasted, ensuring a mostly dry day. Overnight, temperatures may dip close to 0°C, so residents should be prepared for a chilly evening.

Wardrobe Recommendations

Given the cool and slightly unpredictable weather, layering is advisable. A warm jacket or a layered ensemble with a sweater would be suitable. Considering the gentle breezes, a light scarf might also be a comfortable addition. For those planning to be outdoors, a hat and gloves could provide extra warmth during the cooler morning and evening hours.

Weather Trivia

Did you know that on April 21, 2003, Toronto experienced one of its more unusual late-April weather events? The city was hit by a significant snowfall, accumulating over 10 cm of snow, disrupting what had been a relatively mild spring season up until that point. This event remains a vivid reminder of nature’s unpredictability during the transitional spring period.

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