Wildfire Update: Northeast Region – April 18, 2024

Northwest Region Forest Fire Situation Update

Outdoor Burning Restrictions Now in Effect

SAULT STE. MARIE – Wildfire Update – Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations are in effect across the Northeast Fire Region. Wildfire updates will now be issued on Mondays and Thursdays.

Wet conditions with rain and in some areas snow flurries have soaked down the wildlands.

Current Fire Situation

  • No active wildland fires in the Northeast Region.
  • One new fire since the last report (Sault Ste Marie 2), successfully extinguished.
  • Fire hazard remains low in the southern portions of the region (south of Timmins and Wawa).


  • Outdoor Burning Regulations: Follow strictly to prevent wildfires. [Link to Regulations]
  • Report Wildfires: North of French/Mattawa Rivers, call 310-FIRE. South of those rivers, dial 911.

Important Links

  • Wildfire Prevention Tips & Updates: @ONforestfires and @ONfeudeforet (Social Media)
  • Current Fire Situation: www.ontario.ca/forestfire

Let’s stay fire safe!

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