Winnipeg Police Update on Four Stabbing Incidents Over the Weekend

Winnipeg Police
Content Warning: This article discusses violent incidents and emergency medical responses which might be distressing. Please consider your well-being before reading further.

WINNIPEG – NEWS – Over the course of a single weekend, Winnipeg police officers were called to several stabbing incidents across the city, demonstrating both the gravity of the situations encountered and the quick, life-saving responses by law enforcement.

Rapid Response and Emergency Care

Carlton Street and Cumberland Avenue Incident On April 13, 2024, Winnipeg Police Service officers were dispatched to a reported stabbing at the intersection of Carlton Street and Cumberland Avenue. Upon arrival, they found an adult male with severe injuries. Officers quickly administered first aid by applying pressure to the wounds to control bleeding until medical personnel arrived.

St. James Street Incident In a separate event shortly after midnight on April 14, officers rushed to the 1000 block of St. James Street, where another male victim was discovered with serious injuries to his lower body. The first responders applied a tourniquet, showcasing their emergency training and readiness to handle critical situations.

Maryland Street Incident Another call led officers to the 300 block of Maryland Street early on April 14, where they found a man in his 50s suffering from life-threatening injuries. Police applied a chest seal to stabilize the victim before he was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

Salter Street and Anderson Avenue Incident Minutes later, another stabbing was reported near Salter Street and Anderson Avenue. Responding officers located a young man in his 20s and immediately provided emergency care using a chest seal to prevent further injury.

Unrelated Incidents Under Investigation

These violent incidents appear to be unrelated, but all are currently under thorough investigation by the Major Crimes Unit. Each case underscores the critical role that our police officers play not only in law enforcement but also in providing essential first response medical care in crisis situations.

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