Top Highlights from GGPoker’s $100 Million WSOP Super Circuit Event in Canada

Top Highlights from GGPoker's $100 Million WSOP Super Circuit Event in Canada

The 2024 World Series of Poker competition sponsored by GGPoker has once again taken the casino community by storm. Similar to previous competitions, there are plenty of reasons to follow this event closely. The WSOP Super Circuit is scheduled to take place between 3 March and 1 April and players can once again enjoy the ability to tap into a whopping 100 million dollars in prize money (including the main event providing a guaranteed 10 million dollars). Let’s take a look at a handful of notable highlights and features of this tournament to truly appreciate its scope.

The International Edge

One of the major changes that we have witnessed to this year’s event involves the ability for players from outside of the United States and Canada to compete. This is a first and it indicates that GGPoker intends to cater to a much wider audience base. Many also feel that the WSOP Super Circuit is a great way to create even more anticipation for the main WSOP tournament that is being held in Las Vegas in late May.

Mystery Millions?

In online gaming, bonuses are a staple—yet, GGPoker elevates the standard with a unique offering for this event’s participants. The “Mystery Millions” bonus stands out, with a chance for a fortunate player to win up to 5 million dollars. With buy-ins starting at $210 and as many as 25,000 participants expected, the competition is fierce. Moreover, the allure of a $500,000 prize for the runner-up adds to the excitement. For players in Canada looking to leverage such bonuses, a comprehensive list of online casinos offering them can be found here. This guide helps players maximize their potential winnings and enjoy a more rewarding tournament experience.

Events Galore

This five-week event certainly offers something for everyone. While the main intention is to walk away with the coveted WSOP gold ring, simply attending is likely to provide memories to last a lifetime due to the sheer number of possible events to experience. Here are some of the top-billed competitions:

  • The 600 dollar March Mayhem Bounty
  • The Big 500 PLO Bounty
  • The 105 dollar Mystery Bounty Kick-Off

There are a total of 18 events and the winner of each will garner a WSOP ring.

Riding High Into the Tournament of Champions

As if walking away a winner was not enough, those who are included in the best of the best will also be invited to participate in the 2024 WSOP Tournament of Champions. Even world-class players such as Daniel Negreanu have stated that being included within such an elite club is certainly a career highlight. This exclusive invitation serves as a testament to their prowess, setting them on a pedestal alongside poker legends, and immortalizing their achievements in the sport’s history.

GGPoker has once again set the bar high for astute poker players. There is little doubt that this year’s Super Circuit will continue redefining the industry. With its innovative approach to gaming and a relentless pursuit of excellence, GGPoker is not just changing the game; it’s crafting a legacy that will inspire future generations of poker enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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