Red Lake OPP Respond to 256 Calls for Service from April 8-14 2024


RED LAKE, ON — The Red Lake Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) had a demanding week, responding to a total of 256 incidents between April 8 and April 14, 2024. The range of calls highlights the diverse challenges faced by the local law enforcement, from minor disturbances to more severe criminal activities.

Weekly Incident Overview

The reported incidents spanned a wide array of occurrences, including 29 calls related to unwanted persons and 28 eTickets issued for vehicle-related violations. Other significant categories included requests for police assistance (25), violations under the Liquor Licence Control Act (19), and community service calls (14). Traffic complaints and actions to prevent breaches of peace also figured prominently in the week’s activities.

Key Statistics and Frequent Offenses

The OPP managed various serious matters as well, laying 34 charges under the Criminal Code and an additional 13 under the Highway Traffic Act. Among the more grave incidents were six domestic disputes, six warrants executed, and multiple mental health act cases. The officers also provided crucial support in four instances of impaired driving and addressed a sexual assault case.

Emphasis on Citizen Self Reporting for Minor Incidents

To streamline the reporting process and enhance service delivery, the Red Lake OPP continues to promote the use of its Citizen Self Reporting (CSR) system. Launched provincially in 2014, CSR allows residents to report certain non-urgent incidents online without needing an officer to attend the scene. Applicable incidents for online reporting include theft and property damage under $5,000, theft from vehicles, lost property, stolen license plates, and driving complaints.

The OPP’s online system is accessible via and supports a user-friendly interface that can be used from computers and mobile devices, allowing the public to report specific crimes at any time from anywhere. This system not only helps reduce the workload on officers for minor incidents but also provides a convenient option for the community, ensuring more timely responses to more serious and urgent calls.

Residents of Red Lake and surrounding areas are encouraged to utilize this tool for applicable incidents, thereby assisting the police in maintaining safety and order in the community more efficiently.

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