Smart Wealth Management: Essential Tips for the Savvy Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurship is as much about innovating and creating value as it is about smart financial planning.

Managing wealth effectively is crucial for business owners who often have their personal and professional finances deeply intertwined.

“In today’s fast-paced business environment, entrepreneurs need to be savvy not just about their business ventures but also about managing their wealth,” says  Marco Belda, a renowned wealth management expert with over 15 years of experience in the field.

He works with ultra-high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and wealthy families.

“Innovation and risk-taking are quite normal in finance today,” he adds. “So there should be even more emphasis on making plans for the future where your finances are concerned.”

Belda’s investment banking and wealth management career includes roles at GE Capital, ING and Citibank.

In 1999 he co-founded GPS Wealth Investment, which handles billions of dollars for its clients.

The company is the leading Brazilian independent wealth management and conflict-free advisory firm, focused on high-net-worth individuals GPS is regulated by ABIMA and CVM, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil.

Having advised thousands of entrepreneurial clients, and made them achieve their goals, here, Belda provides essential tips on how entrepreneurs can manage their wealth smartly and sustainably.

Start with a Clear Financial Plan

The first step in smart wealth management for entrepreneurs is having a clear and comprehensive financial plan.

This plan should align with your short-term business goals and long-term personal financial objectives.

Entrepreneurs should take stock of their current financial situation, set clear goals, and develop a roadmap to achieve them. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to look after our money and many entrepreneurs are looking in the wrong direction for results. Much of what I do is about educating my clients on finding what they need and not necessarily what they believe they want.

Diversification is Key

Putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky strategy. Entrepreneurs often invest heavily in their businesses, which can lead to a lack of diversification.

It is far better to invest in a mix of assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and perhaps even newer areas like cryptocurrencies venture capital, or other startups, depending on one’s risk tolerance.

Understand the Power of Compounding

Compounding can turn modest savings into substantial wealth over time, I encourage entrepreneurs to start investing as early as possible. Even small amounts, if invested wisely and allowed to grow, can amass significant wealth over the long term.

Manage Debt Wisely

While debt can be a valuable tool for entrepreneurs, it must be managed carefully. High-interest debt can quickly become a drain on your resources. Aim to pay off high-cost debts as soon as possible and use leverage smartly to grow your business.

Keep Personal and Business Finances Separate

One common mistake entrepreneurs make is not separating their personal and business finances.

This can lead to financial mismanagement and pose significant risks if the business encounters legal issues. Keeping separate accounts and budgets for personal and business finances is essential.

Stay Liquid

Having a portion of your wealth in easily accessible, liquid assets ensures that you have funds available in case of business opportunities or emergencies.

Plan for Taxes Efficiently

Effective tax planning can make a significant difference in wealth accumulation. Understanding and leveraging tax laws and deductions available to entrepreneurs is vital. I recommend developing a tax-efficient wealth management strategy with a tax advisor.

Retirement Planning is a Must

Entrepreneurs often neglect retirement planning, focusing instead on growing their businesses. However, it’s crucial to plan for a time when you might not want or be able to run your business. I suggest exploring retirement savings options and considering investments that can provide a steady income in retirement.

Protect Your Assets

Asset protection is another critical aspect of wealth management. Insurance policies, estate planning, and even the right business structure can help protect your assets from unforeseen events,I recommend regular reviews of your insurance needs and estate plans to ensure they align with your current financial situation.

Embrace Technological Tools

In the digital finance age, if you are an entrepreneur, you should use technology to your advantage. Numerous tools and apps can help with budgeting, investing, and tracking your financial health. However, I also caution against over-reliance on technology. Nothing can beat personalized advice.

Stay Informed and Flexible

The financial world is constantly evolving, and I believe it’s vital for entrepreneurs to stay informed and be flexible in their wealth management approach. I take this approach myself. I am always learning and gaining more education on current economic trends, market changes, and new investment opportunities. You should always be ready to adapt your strategy as needed.

For entrepreneurs, smart wealth management is about growing businesses and securing your financial future.

By following these essential tips, entrepreneurs can balance their drive for business success with prudent financial management. This framework can help ensure long-term stability and prosperity.

About Marco Belda

Marco Belda, a renowned name in the finance industry, is best known as the founder of GPS – Global Portfolio Strategists, a pioneering wealth management firm in Brazil.

His visionary leadership propelled GPS to impressive heights, managing assets exceeding USD 9 billion. This remarkable success story reached its zenith with the acquisition of GPS by the esteemed Swiss bank Julius Baer. With a career spanning over two decades, Belda’s expertise lies in wealth management, corporate finance, and investment banking, demonstrating a keen strategic insight.

As the Co-Director and Partner at GPS Planejamento Financeiro Brazil, Marco was a critical force in elevating the firm to international renown. His acumen in asset management significantly advanced the company’s client portfolios, blending strategic investment analysis with effective collaborations with financial institutions worldwide.

Belda’s skill in coordinating with fund managers nationally and abroad was instrumental in ensuring robust investment strategies, and diversifying into various sectors like hedge funds, fixed income, and emerging markets.

In his role at GE Capital N.A, Structure Finance Group for South America BR, Marco led the origination and structuring of capital market operations across South America.

During his tenure at ING Barings in New York, Belda managed investment bank operations in Latin America, focusing on private sector transactions and collaborations with organizations such as OPIC, Miga, and the World Bank. His leadership in Brazil’s Corporate Finance Group was essential for corporate restructuring and mobilizing external resources.

Earlier, at Citibank N.A. Brazil, as Vice President of Underwriting, oversaw debt and equity issuance operations, managed multinational client relations, and contributed to the bank’s credit department.

Belda’s academic achievements are equally noteworthy. He earned his Economics degree from São Francisco University, pursued a Financial Management Program at Stanford University, holds a Commercial Green Belt from the USA, and completed a Management Development Course in Brazil.

Currently, Belda is exploring the real estate sector and serving on the councils of two major national groups. His diverse experience and strategic financial management skills continue to shape various sectors, marking him as a significant figure in the financial arena.

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