NASA Solar Eclipse Coverage LIVE


Watch a telescope feed of a total solar eclipse moving across North America on April 8, 2024, traveling through Mexico, across the United States from Texas to Maine, and exiting North America along Canada’s coast. Weather permitting, we will provide live views of the eclipse from several locations across the eclipse path, including showing the partially eclipsed Sun in different wavelengths of light.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and briefly covers the full disk of the Sun. This reveals the Sun’s wispy, white outer atmosphere, called the corona. Weather permitting, people throughout most of North and Central America, including all of the contiguous United States, will be able to view at least a partial solar eclipse.

These telescope feeds are provided courtesy of our partners and collaborators.

A full list of the telescope locations and providers is coming soon. Review our total solar eclipse safety guidelines: Credit: NASA Telescope Operator Credits: Mazatlán, Mexico Credit: NASA Solar System Exploration Research Institute (SSERVI) Team Torreón, Mexico Credit: Bill Dean & Aaron Rosen of the Exploratorium Kerrville, Texas Credit: Katherine Troche of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Junction, Texas Credit: Bill Dean & Aaron Rosen of the Exploratorium Dallas, Texas Credit: Vanessa Thomas of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Russellville, Arkansas Credit: Joseph Matus of NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Carbondale, Illinois Credit: Bob Baer of Southern Illinois University Indianapolis, Indiana Credit: Dayna Thompson & John Millis of Ball State University / Brown Planetarium Cleveland, Ohio Credit: Salvatore Oriti of NASA Glenn Research Center Niagara Falls, New York Credit: Jessica Balena of the Potomac Animal Wellness Services Tupper Lake, New York Credit: Seth McGowan of the Adirondack Sky Center Houlton, Maine Credit: David Bowman of NASA Langley Research Center

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