Winnipeg Weather Outlook: Detailed Forecast for April 7, 2024

Weather Sunny Delight

WINNIPEG – WEATHER – Winnipeg welcomes a fresh and mainly clear morning, with temperatures gently climbing above the freezing point.

Temperatures and conditions recorded at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport at 6:06 AM CDT, the weather data sets a promising tone for a mainly sunny day. This report will explore the current weather situation and extend into a detailed forecast for the coming days, along with some practical wardrobe recommendations.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

At the early hour, Winnipeg is experiencing a temperature of 2.2°C with the dew point sitting at -4.0°C, reflecting a humidity level of 64%. An east-southeast wind is brisk, blowing at 18 km/h with gusts reaching up to 33 km/h, making it feel slightly cooler. Visibility is clear at 24 km, and the pressure is at 101.5 kPa and rising, indicating stable weather conditions with an improving trend.


Expected Conditions
  • Today: The city will enjoy mainly sunny skies, with a southeast wind blowing at 20 km/h and gusting to 40 km/h. The day’s high is expected to reach a comfortable 15°C. The UV index is moderate at 4, suggesting some sun protection if you’re spending time outdoors.
  • Tonight: The sky will become partly cloudy, with cloudiness increasing before morning. Winds will remain from the southeast at 20 km/h, gusting to 40 km/h, before becoming lighter in the evening. The temperature will hold steady at a low of plus 2°C.
  • Monday, April 8: Expect a cloudy day with southeast winds of 20 km/h turning light in the early afternoon. The high is forecasted to be 10°C, with a moderate UV index of 3.
  • Tuesday, April 9: The sun returns in full force, with a high reaching up to 18°C. The evening will see cloudy periods, with a low of 6°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

For today’s sunny but breezy conditions, wearing layers would be wise, with a wind-resistant outer layer to manage the gusts. A hat and sunglasses could also enhance your comfort against the moderate UV rays. As the evening approaches and into the next few days, maintaining layers will allow for adaptability to the changing conditions, particularly as cloud cover increases. The return of sunny weather on Tuesday suggests lighter clothing, though having a jacket for the cooler evening remains advisable.

Weather Trivia

Winnipeg is known colloquially as “Winterpeg” due to its long, cold winters, but the city also experiences very warm summers. This diverse climate showcases the extremes of the Canadian weather spectrum, making every season distinctly unique.

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