Comprehensive Traveler’s Weather Forecast and Highway Updates: April 2, 2024

Winter travel means making sure you have the needed equipment to ensure you arrive at your destination safely. Image:

As travellers set out across various regions today, they’ll encounter a range of weather conditions that could impact their journeys. From early spring storms in Southern Ontario to milder, sunnier conditions in Western Canada, here’s what you need to know for your travels, including updates on highway conditions.

Southern Ontario: Toronto to Thunder Bay via Highway 17

Toronto Area:

  • Current Conditions: Early spring storm bringing strong winds, rain, and potential wet snow.
  • Travel Advisory: Expect wet and potentially slippery conditions on Highways 401, 403, and 407. Increased wind speeds may affect high-profile vehicles.

Sudbury Region:

  • Current Conditions: Significant snowfall expected tonight through Thursday, with strong easterly winds.
  • Travel Advisory: Highway 17 towards Sudbury and further north to Sault Ste. Marie will likely see hazardous driving conditions due to accumulating snow and reduced visibility. Travelers should consider delaying non-essential travel.

Thunder Bay Area:

  • Current Conditions: Chilly start with temperatures around -9°C, improving to plus 3°C with a mix of sun and cloud.
  • Travel Advisory: Highway 17 along Lake Superior may have patchy icy spots in the morning, improving conditions as temperatures rise.

Northwestern Ontario: Thunder Bay to Winnipeg via Trans-Canada Highway

Thunder Bay to Kenora:

  • Current Conditions: Mainly sunny with wind chill factors making it feel colder in the morning.
  • Travel Advisory: Clear driving conditions expected but remain cautious of possible icy patches in shaded areas during the morning.

Kenora to Winnipeg:

  • Current Conditions: Cool start at -1°C with a gradual warming trend, clear skies by evening.
  • Travel Advisory: The Trans-Canada Highway is clear for travel. Fog patches developing overnight around the Winnipeg area may reduce visibility for early morning travelers.

Manitoba: Winnipeg and Beyond

Winnipeg Area:

  • Current Conditions: Starting at -1°C with sunny days ahead, reaching highs up to 14°C by Friday.
  • Travel Advisory: Main routes such as the Perimeter Highway and Highway 75 south to the U.S. border are clear. Watch for fog patches affecting visibility in the early morning and late evening hours.

General Recommendations for Travelers:

  • Southern Ontario: Prepare for potential delays due to wet or snowy conditions. Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.
  • Northern Ontario and Manitoba: Morning travelers should be prepared for chilly conditions and possible fog. Clear conditions in the afternoon and evening make for pleasant travel, but temperatures dropping overnight could lead to icy conditions by early morning.
  • Vehicle Preparedness: Ensure your vehicle is equipped for spring weather conditions, which can change rapidly. This includes having good all-season or winter tires, windshield fluid, and an emergency kit with blankets and snacks.
  • Stay Informed: Keep updated with local weather and highway conditions through your preferred weather app or radio station, especially for long-distance travel across these regions.

Travel safely and plan ahead to account for the varied weather conditions across these Canadian regions.

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