Toronto Weather Outlook for March 31, 2024

Toronto Home of Team Canada
Toronto Home of Team Canada

TORONTO – WEATHER – Toronto begins its day under a mainly cloudy sky, marking a tranquil yet brisk morning at 2°C. As observed from Toronto Pearson International Airport at 7:00 AM EDT, the city is waking to a day promising gradual clearing and a modest rise in temperatures. The barometric pressure is on the rise, signalling potentially steadier weather conditions ahead.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

Toronto’s current temperature stands at a cool 2°C, with the dew point resting at -2°C, indicating relatively dry air for this time of year. Humidity levels are moderate at 75%, coupled with a barometric pressure of 101.5 kPa that’s trending upwards. The sky is mostly cloudy now, but clearer skies are on the horizon as the day progresses.


Looking ahead, Toronto’s weather is set to brighten up with clearing skies expected by tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures are forecasted to reach a high of 9°C today, under a moderate UV index of 4, before dipping to a low of just over 1°C tonight amidst increasing cloudiness.

As we move into Monday, April 1, the city will enjoy a clearer morning with temperatures climbing to a more comfortable 12°C, under similar UV conditions. However, the night will bring cloudier skies with a low of plus 3°C.

Tuesday, April 2, introduces a shift with showers anticipated, cooling the high to just over 4°C. This precipitation might turn into a mix of snow or rain by nightfall, as temperatures hover around plus 1°C.

The weather takes a wintry turn by Wednesday, April 3, with day and night forecasts predicting snow or rain, and highs just reaching over 2°C. The night could see the mercury drop to zero amidst ongoing snowfall.

Wardrobe Recommendations

In light of the fluctuating temperatures and conditions, layering is key for the next few days. A warm jacket and a waterproof outer layer will be essential, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday when precipitation is expected. Don’t forget to include a hat and gloves for the cooler evenings and potentially snowy conditions mid-week.

Weather Trivia

Did you know Toronto experienced one of its most significant April snowstorms in 1975? On April 3 and 4, a surprising late-season blizzard blanketed the city in over 30 cm of snow, causing widespread disruptions and serving as a reminder of nature’s unpredictability.

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