Greater Sudbury Detailed Weather Forecast for March 30, 2024

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A Frosty Morning with Sun on the Horizon

The city of Greater Sudbury awakens to mainly clear skies, with the temperature resting at a chilly -6.0°C as of 7:00 AM EDT, observed from the Greater Sudbury Airport. Despite the clear skies, a north-northwest wind at 7 km/h brings the wind chill down to -9, adding an extra bite to the morning air. The atmospheric pressure is recorded at 101.4 kPa and is currently falling, indicating potential changes in the weather pattern. Visibility is excellent at 32 km, showcasing the vast Sudbury landscape under the early morning sun.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

With temperatures at -6.0°C and the dew point at -8.8°C, Sudbury starts the day with dry and chilly air, marked by an 81% humidity level. The wind chill feels colder than the actual temperature, making it feel like -9 due to the light north-northwest wind at 7 km/h. The skies are mainly clear, promising a bright day ahead.

Forecast for Saturday

The forecast for the day promises mainly sunny skies with increasing cloudiness by early afternoon. Winds will stay gentle, up to 15 km/h, with the temperature rising to a high of 3°C. However, the morning wind chill may dip to -12, so bundle up early on. The UV index remains moderate at 4.

Tonight, expect periods of snow ending near midnight, then clearing, with a potential accumulation of 2 cm. The wind will continue at up to 15 km/h, dropping the temperature to -6°C and the wind chill to -10 overnight.

Extended Outlook

  • Sunday, March 31: A sunny start becoming a mix of sun and cloud in the afternoon. Light winds up to 15 km/h will make the high of 7°C more enjoyable, despite a morning wind chill of -12.
  • Monday, April 1: The sun continues to shine with a high of 7°C. The night will remain clear with a low of -3°C.
  • Tuesday, April 2: Another sunny day with a high of 8°C. The night brings cloudy periods and a 30 percent chance of flurries, with a low of -1°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

The mix of chilly mornings and sunnier afternoons calls for versatile layering. Start with a thermal base, add a fleece or sweater, and top off with a wind-resistant jacket for the morning. Sunglasses will be handy for the sunny spells, and don’t forget a hat and gloves for the colder starts.

Weather Trivia

Greater Sudbury is known for its resilience to cold weather. In fact, one of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the city was a staggering -38.3°C on January 21, 1935, showcasing the extreme weather conditions Northern Ontario can experience.

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