Winnipeg Weather Outlook: Detailed Forecast for March 29, 2024

Drew Willy of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

An Overview of Today’s Weather Conditions in Winnipeg

Early this morning, Winnipeg presents a mostly cloudy sky with the temperature slightly below freezing at -5.6°C, as observed at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.

The air is relatively still, with an east wind blowing at a gentle 4 km/h, bringing the wind chill factor to -7. The visibility is good, extending up to 24 kilometers, indicating mostly clear conditions despite the cloud cover. Humidity is moderate at 66%, and the barometric pressure is noted at 101.9 kPa but is gradually falling, suggesting upcoming weather changes.

While it is Good Friday, get set for spring and summer. Our weather image today is to remind you that warmer weather and of course the CFL season is coming. Will the Bomber’s win the Grey Cup this year?

Extended Weather Outlook


The day will see increasing cloudiness, with snow expected to begin this afternoon, totalling an accumulation of about 2 cm. The wind will shift to the southeast and increase to 20 km/h around noon. Despite a chilly start with a wind chill of -12 this morning, temperatures are forecasted to rise to a high of +1°C. The UV index remains moderate at 3.


Snowfall is expected to cease overnight, transitioning to cloudy skies. An additional snow accumulation of 2 cm is anticipated, with the wind easing up to 15 km/h. The low will hover around -3°C, with the wind chill making it feel closer to -7.


The weekend begins with a mix of sun and cloud along with a 30% chance of flurries. Wind direction will change to northwest at 20 km/h in the morning. The high is expected to be +2°C, but the morning will start off colder with a wind chill of -8. The UV index will again be moderate at 3. The night is forecasted to clear, with temperatures dropping to -11°C.


Sunday will bring a mix of sun and cloud, with daytime highs reaching +1°C. The night will see cloudy periods, with temperatures falling to -10°C.


A sunny start to the new week, with highs warming up to +4°C. However, the night introduces cloudy periods with a 30% chance of flurries, and the low is expected to be -3°C.

Recommendations for Residents

In light of the upcoming snowfall and fluctuating temperatures, residents should prepare for slippery conditions and ensure to dress warmly. Layering clothing will be essential for adapting to the variable weather, with a particular emphasis on staying dry and protected against the wind.

Accessories like gloves, scarves, and hats will be crucial for morning and evening chills. Sunglasses could be beneficial during sunny spells.

Weather Trivia

Winnipeg is often dubbed the “Gateway to the West” and is known for its extreme temperature variations throughout the year. This ability to swiftly transition from clear to snowy conditions in a matter of hours exemplifies the city’s dynamic weather patterns, making it an interesting study for meteorologists and weather enthusiasts alike.

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