Vermilion Bay and Dryden Weather Forecast for March 28, 2024: A Cooler Prelude to Easter

Winter is a great time to get out, embrace the weather and enjoy the outdoors
Winter is a great time to get out, embrace the weather and enjoy the outdoors

DRYDEN – WEATHER – A blanket of light snow envelops Vermilion Bay and Dryden early this Thursday, setting a tranquil yet cold scene as observed from Dryden Airport.

With temperatures dipping to -10.3°C and wind gusts reaching 28 km/h, the region is still in the grasp of. we hope, winter’s tail end, promising a gradual shift towards milder weather as the Easter long weekend approaches.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions:

The morning in Vermilion Bay and Dryden starts with light snow and a visibility of 16 km, indicating moderate snowfall that doesn’t significantly hamper visibility. The air is moist, with humidity at 87%, and the wind from the west at 18 km/h, gusting to 28 km/h, amplifies the cold to a wind chill of -18°C.

Forecast Conditions

Expected Conditions: The weather forecast for Vermilion Bay and Dryden offers a mix of snow, sun, and clouds as we head into the Easter weekend, with temperatures gradually warming.

Today, light snow will cease by the morning, giving way to cloudy skies with a 40 percent chance of flurries. The wind will slow to a lighter breeze by late morning, with today’s high reaching -3°C. Morning wind chill factors are harsh at -19°C but will improve slightly to -9°C in the afternoon under a low UV index of 2.

Tonight sees the clouds beginning to part, becoming partly cloudy late this evening. With winds up to 15 km/h, the temperature will drop to a low of -14°C, while the wind chill will vary from -7 this evening to -16 overnight.

Friday, March 29: A sunny start becomes a mix of sun and cloud by the afternoon. The wind chill in the morning is biting at -17°C, but the day promises a warmer high of +3°C under a moderate UV index of 3.

Saturday, March 30: Cloudiness continues with a 40 percent chance of flurries and a high of +2°C, leading into a night of cloudy periods with a low of -7°C.

Sunday, March 31: The region will enjoy a mix of sun and cloud with a pleasant high of +3°C, dipping into a night of cloudy periods and a low of -8°C.

Monday, April 1: Cloudy skies dominate the day with a high of +2°C, while the night brings a 40 percent chance of flurries and a low of -7°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations:

In anticipation of fluctuating conditions, residents should dress in warm layers that can be adjusted as the day warms. A windproof outer layer is essential for the morning, while sunglasses will be useful during the sunnier afternoons.

Weather Trivia:

Vermilion Bay and Dryden experience a unique microclimate due to their proximity to Lake of the Woods and other local water bodies, often leading to sudden weather shifts that can surprise even the most seasoned locals.

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