Antigua and Barbuda Second Passport for Investor

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Thousands of tourists come here yearly to enjoy their vacations and see new places. It is a complex of islands famous for its stunning color, unique terrain, and inimitable culture. At the same time, this state has a somewhat “strong” passport, which can help you discover new areas of activity and improve your quality of life.

So, the Antigua citizenship program is designed for everyone who wants to take their capital to the next level, diversify assets, and get easy access to other parts of the world. This maritime harbor will undoubtedly be appreciated by all those who wish to change the environment, provide their heirs with a promising future, and legally get preferences from the host country.

Antigua Citizenship Program for Investors

Participation in the project by investing money allows natives of other countries to direct their capital into a promising area, receive substantial benefits, and enjoy life at a high level. Antigua CBI program for investor has been relevant for more than 10 years and is a safe, fast, and reliable system to become a holder of a special status. In addition to the principal applicant obtaining residence, his immediate family members also get access to citizenship. It is also worth noting that the application can occur simultaneously with the family reunification process.

Eligibility Criteria and Applying Process

Applicants who want to obtain a “strong” document in a paradisiacal place must meet and fit specific eligibility criteria. These should include:

  • entry age threshold of 18 years of age or older;
  • no criminal record;
  • good health;
  • strong credit and legal history;
  • confirmation of the legality of the money received.

The process of immigration by investments includes collecting a package of documents, submitting an application form, waiting for the result from the relevant services, approving the special status, and receiving a certificate. The Antigua citizenship by investment program participant also undertakes to visit and stay in the country for 5 calendar days. This condition maintains the special status for the first five years.

Investment Requirements for Investor

This project is perfect for you if you dream of living in the tropics, enjoying political and financial security, running a profitable business, and other benefits. The CBI Antigua and Barbuda project is recognized as a responsive, reliable, and secure system. You should choose one option that will fit the applicant’s budget to become a participant. Several ways will lead the applicant to the coveted goal:

  1. Charity to the local State Advancement Foundation. The transfer is for $100,000 and is irrevocable. You should pay 30,000 US dollars to have your application accepted and processed. In addition, there are mandatory fees that a specialist of the Immigrant Invest agency, Vladlena Baranova, can tell you about.
  2. Buying an object of residential or commercial type. This method provides for payment of 200 thousand US dollars. The sale of the purchased object is inadmissible for five years.
  3. Financing to a local business. The primary participant of the program must invest one and a half million U.S. dollars. It should be noted that this direction is profitable and promising.
  4. Contribution to the activities of the University of the West Indies. This proposal is ideal for families of 4 persons, which is 150 thousand U.S. dollars.

All of the above options include optional fees and mandatory money transfers. Immigrant Invest agents will provide you with the details.

 Key Benefits of Antigua Second Passport

Except for those with no access to this project, the representatives of other states can evaluate the benefits of the “strong passport” at once. Holders of Antigua passport for investor receive:

  • confidentiality of business activities;
  • retention of the first status of a country’s citizen;
  • preferential conditions for admission to UK universities;
  • simplified tax system for doing business;
  • the opportunity to travel to more than 130 countries without having to apply for a visa;
  • an affordable and budget-friendly option for immigration.

This program is ideal for families and gives them the opportunity for a better life in a heavenly and promising place on Earth.

Bottom Line

If a candidate’s main goal is to become a holder of an Antigua passport visa-free countries and get to know every corner of the world or to run a successful business, he should start doing it with a proven agency. Immigrant Invest specializes in different immigration investment programs and is ready to help every investor make the right decision. Working with specialists is the best way to avoid any misunderstandings during the paperwork process.

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