Wasaho Cree Nation Weather Alert: Special Weather Statement in Effect Through March 28, 2024

White Bear Paw Print in snow - Image Lydia Matthews
White Bear Paw Print in snow - Image Lydia Matthews

Wasaho Cree Nation is currently getting light snow and preparing for a prolonged weather event as forecasted by Fort Severn Airport’s latest observations.

A Special Weather Statement remains in effect, cautioning against significant snowfall and local blowing snow continuing into Thursday. With a current temperature of -13.2°C, the community is advised to prepare for the challenges posed by accumulating snow and reduced visibility.

Today’s Weather Overview:

Current Conditions: The early hours see light snow, with temperatures at a chilly -13.2°C and a dew point of -14.5°C indicating a high humidity level of 90%. North-northeast winds are gusting from 26 to 39 km/h, contributing to a severe wind chill of -23°C. Visibility is significantly reduced to 3 km, a testament to the ongoing snowfall and blowing snow.

Extended Forecast:

Today: The forecast anticipates continued snow and local blowing snow, with accumulations around 5 cm. Northeast winds will be particularly strong, gusting up to 60 km/h, pushing the high to -4°C. Wind chills will range from a biting -26°C in the morning to -13°C in the afternoon.

Tonight: Snowfall intensifies with an additional 5 to 10 cm expected, accompanied by north winds at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h. Temperatures will drop to -8°C, with wind chills nearing -17°C, indicating a cold night ahead.

Thursday, March 28: Periods of snow and local blowing snow are forecasted to add 2 to 4 cm of snow. Northwest winds will continue at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h, with a high of -5°C. The wind chill will hover near -16°C, under a low UV index of 1.

Friday, March 29: The area will see cloudy skies with a 30 percent chance of flurries and a high of -7°C. The night will bring cloudy periods with a low of -16°C.

Saturday, March 30: A mix of sun and cloud marks a slight break in the weather pattern, with a high of -10°C. The clear night will see temperatures plunging to -24°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations: Given the prolonged period of snow and wind, residents are advised to wear heavy, insulated clothing, including waterproof outer layers to protect against snow and wind. Hats, gloves, and scarves are essential for maintaining warmth, and sturdy boots are recommended for navigating snow-covered paths.

Weather Trivia: The combination of northerly winds and heavy snowfall can create significant drifting snow, a common challenge in northern communities like Wasaho Cree Nation. These conditions highlight the importance of community preparedness and resilience in the face of severe winter weather.

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