Boxbar Vascular – Leading with Compassion and a Focus on Patient Care


Ellen Derrick, a highly skilled vascular surgeon, has made significant strides in her field and brought a personalized touch to patient care that is often missing in today’s fast-paced medical environment. At the heart of her endeavors is BoxBar Vascular, a venture that embodies a unique approach to healthcare, prioritizing patient well-being, safety, and continuous improvement. Founded out of a desire to offer more than what corporate medicine could, BoxBar Vascular has quickly become synonymous with high-quality, compassionate care.

Early Inspiration and Career Path

A deep-rooted family legacy inspired Derrick’s journey into medicine. With both grandfathers having been surgeons, her path seemed almost predestined. However, it was not just the family connection that drew her to this career but the ability to profoundly impact lives.

Derrick vividly recalls the transformative experience of saving a life from a gunshot wound during her residency. This moment was not just a milestone in her career but a defining one that underscored the significance of her chosen path. It taught her the value of hard work, dedication, and the incredible difference a skilled surgeon can make in the most critical moments. This experience, among many others, fueled her passion for surgery and patient care, setting the stage for her future endeavors, including the founding of BoxBar Vascular.

Establishing BoxBar Vascular

BoxBar Vascular was founded by Dr. Ellen Derrick, who was dissatisfied with corporate medicine’s impersonal nature. She envisioned an institution that provided individualized care, where patients felt seen and heard. Despite facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and a flood at one of their locations, BoxBar Vascular persevered, demonstrating the employee’s loyalty to their mission and each other.

Core Values and Mission

At the heart of BoxBar Vascular lie the values of humanity, reliability, and continuous improvement. These values guide every aspect of BoxBar Vascular, from patient care to internal teamwork. Empathy is paramount, ensuring that every patient feels understood and cared for. Reliability, or patient safety, is the foundation upon which trust in BoxBar Vascular is built, assuring patients they are in capable and secure hands. Lastly, diligence in continuous improvement drives the staff to seek new knowledge, techniques, and ways to enhance the patient experience.

BoxBar Vascular’s overarching mission is to deliver unmatched service to patients and foster personal and professional betterment among its employees. Derrick envisions a center where excellence is complemented by a nurturing work environment, where each crew member is encouraged to learn, grow, and contribute to collective success. This mission sets BoxBar Vascular apart in vascular surgery and cultivates a culture where patients and practitioners can thrive together.

Achievements and Community

BoxBar Vascular has achieved significant milestones and profoundly impacted the community. Despite challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and a destructive flood, the team’s resilience and spirit enabled them to maintain their commitment to patient care and deliver positive outcomes.

BoxBar Vascular is dedicated to overcoming adversities and promoting diversity, inclusion, and social responsibility. The administration comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, including pioneering female vascular surgeon Derrick and members from various cultural backgrounds. This diversity enriches the center’s ability to connect with and provide for a wide range of people.

Furthermore, BoxBar Vascular actively supports charitable causes, particularly dyslexia and special needs schools. Through volunteerism and resource allocation, Derrick and her staff demonstrate a genuine commitment to making a difference in the broader community, reflecting the core values that guide BoxBar Vascular’s operations.

Professional Growth and Mentorship

Derrick’s impact on vascular surgery extends beyond her clinical responsibilities. She has advocated for surgical safety and standardization, improving patient care. Her dedication to advancing the field is mirrored in her dedication to mentoring the next generation of professionals.

At BoxBar Vascular, mentorship and professional development are ingrained in the culture. Derrick has implemented strategies like huddles, dedicated training sessions, and a supportive environment where knowledge sharing is encouraged. This focus on advancement guarantees the company remains at the forefront of vascular treatment and fosters camaraderie.

Derrick’s leadership underscores the importance of mentorship in fostering confidence, skill development, and career progression. By investing in her team’s professional progress, she ensures BoxBar Vascular delivers exceptional support and shapes the future of medicine.

Innovation and Adaptability

Under Derrick’s management, BoxBar Vascular excels in innovation and adaptability. The team actively engages in conferences and research to stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies, ensuring it delivers cutting-edge care.

Moreover, Derrick cultivates a culture of creativity and efficiency, encouraging her team to think creatively and collaborate on solutions that improve patient treatment and operational workflows. This environment fosters continual refinement of methods and procedures, keeping BoxBar Vascular at the forefront of vascular surgery and patient services.

Leadership and Decision-Making

Derrick’s management style at BoxBar Vascular emphasizes open communication, shared decision-making, and active involvement. By involving her staff in the decision-making process, she fosters collaboration and ownership, leading to creative solutions and a stronger sense of unity within the facility.

A pivotal moment in BoxBar Vascular’s evolution occurred after receiving a negative Google review, prompting Derrick to reevaluate patient communication. Implementing morning huddles and enhancing internal communication systems improved cohesion and transparency, improving service quality. This transformation exemplifies Derrick’s commitment to learning and growth, turning setbacks into opportunities for improvement.

Derrick’s supervision and diligence in continuous improvement ensure BoxBar Vascular remains dynamic and responsive. Her focus on patients and development lays a solid foundation for success.

Digital Presence

Maintaining a positive online presence is essential for healthcare providers in today’s digital landscape, a principle keenly recognized by BoxBar Vascular under Derrick’s supervision. The practice utilizes technology to advance patient care through cutting-edge medical procedures and cultivate a robust, favorable digital presence. Derrick acknowledges that the initial interaction between patients and wellness providers often occurs online, emphasizing the importance of this virtual encounter.


Social media is pivotal for BoxBar Vascular, serving as a platform to connect with the community and as a marketing tool. Through platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, Derrick shares insights into their daily operations, patient success stories, and health tips, fostering meaningful engagement with their audience. This approach not only educates the public but also humanizes the brand, showcasing its dedication to excellence beyond the confines of the clinic.

Future Goals and Expansion


Under Derrick’s leadership, BoxBar Vascular has set ambitious growth and expansion goals. The vision includes expanding the practice’s range of services and products, such as developing compression socks and reopening BoxBar Beauty, a medical spa focusing on aesthetic treatments. These expansions aim to cater to a wider array of patient needs and diversify the practice’s offerings, ensuring its sustainability and competitiveness in the market.


BoxBar Vascular’s growth strategy fundamentally involves remaining adaptable and responsive to market demands and patient preferences. Derrick is dedicated to continuously assessing the wellness landscape, anticipating changes, and adjusting services accordingly. This approach ensures that BoxBar Vascular remains at the forefront of medical innovation, ready to meet evolving patient needs with exceptional care.


Through strategic expansion and a robust digital presence, BoxBar Vascular is poised for future success. Derrick’s guidance ensures that the practice expands in scale, continues to set a benchmark for exemplary patient care, and embraces technological advancements in wellness.


Looking Forward

Dr. Ellen Derrick’s leadership has propelled BoxBar Vascular to prominence in healthcare. Inspired by her grandfathers, Derrick’s journey reflects her commitment to excellence and care. Despite challenges, she strengthened BoxBar. Derrick emphasizes personal connections, learning, and adapting to new tech. She fosters a diverse, supportive culture and nurtures both patients and staff.


Looking ahead, BoxBar plans to expand while staying true to its principles. Derrick’s impact reaches far, inspiring wellness professionals to prioritize compassion and ingenuity. Together, they set a standard for humanized care in modern medicine.

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