Thunder Bay Weather Forecast: A Chilly and Flurry-Filled March 19 2024

Weather Update

Thunder Bay – As the residents of Thunder Bay navigate through another late winter day, the city experiences light snow under the cloak of early morning darkness.

The current conditions and the forecast for the coming days indicate a mix of chill, flurries, and eventual sunshine. Here’s what you need to know:

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

Recorded at Thunder Bay Airport at 3:00 AM EDT, the city is gently enveloped in light snow, creating a serene yet chilly atmosphere. The temperature stands at -3.6°C, with a dew point slightly lower at -4.4°C.

High humidity at 94% accentuates the cold, while a light west-southwest wind at 3 km/h adds a slight nip to the air, bringing the wind chill to -5°C. Visibility is reduced to 10 km amidst the snowflakes.

Today’s Forecast

Tuesday promises a cloudy day with a 40 percent chance of flurries, which might give way to a clearer sky as the day progresses. The wind is expected to pick up significantly, shifting to the northwest at 30 km/h and gusting to 50 km/h.

While the high may reach a mild +3°C, temperatures are predicted to dip to -2°C in the afternoon, with the morning wind chill making it feel as cold as -8°C. The UV index remains low at 1, suggesting minimal sun exposure.


The evening continues the trend with cloudy skies and a 40 percent chance of early flurries, transitioning to partly cloudy conditions later on. The wind maintains its strength, blowing northwest at 30 km/h with gusts up to 50 km/h. Temperatures will plummet to a low of -14°C, with the wind chill dropping from -8 in the evening to a frosty -21 overnight.

Extended Weather Forecast

  • Wednesday, March 20: Sunshine breaks through, offering a bright but cold day with a high of -8°C.
    • Night: Clear skies prevail, leading to a crisp low of -22°C.
  • Thursday, March 21: The sunny weather continues, with temperatures slightly less harsh at a high of -4°C.
    • Night: Expect periods of cloudiness, with the thermometer dipping to -12°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

Given the fluctuating conditions, dressing in layers will be crucial for staying comfortable. Begin with a moisture-wicking base layer, add insulation layers, and top off with a windproof and waterproof outer layer. Don’t forget warm boots, gloves, a hat, and a scarf to protect against the wind chill, especially in the early morning and late evening.

Weather Trivia

Thunder Bay’s geographical location near Lake Superior significantly influences its climate, often resulting in sudden weather changes and lake-effect snow during the winter months. This phenomenon can create beautiful snowy landscapes but also poses challenges for daily life.

As Thunder Bay moves through the final stretches of winter, stay warm, stay safe, and keep an eye on the sky for those sunny breaks amidst the flurries.

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