Calendar Parking Ended for Season in Thunder Bay


THUNDER BAY – LIVING – Based on discussions between Parking Authority and the Roads Division Manager regarding the weather forecast and current road conditions, the decision has been made to waive Calendar Parking restrictions for the remainder of the season, effective immediately.

Parking Authority may waive enforcement of Calendar Parking at any time after March 1, if forecasted weather and road conditions warrant.

“Calendar Parking restrictions are enforced to allow for more efficient snow removal and to ensure clear passage for traffic and essential services, especially when accumulated snow reduces the available road width”, said Jonathan Paske, Supervisor – Parking Authority. “However, with the roads currently clear and the weather forecast looking favorable, we are waiving the restrictions to make parking easier and more accessible for residents.”

City staff will continue to monitor weather forecasts and road conditions closely and will make adjustments to parking regulations as necessary to ensure the safety of residents and the smooth operation of city services.

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