Travel Alert: Fog Advisory Issued for Westward Travellers from Kenora to Manitoba

Fog Advisory

Severe Fog Conditions Expected to Impact Visibility for Drivers

Kenora – WEATHER – A dense fog advisory is in effect, individuals planning to travel west from Kenora into Manitoba are advised to exercise caution.

The advisory forecasts near zero visibility in fog, underscores the potential hazards for those on the road.

Advisory Duration and Conditions

The fog is forecasted to envelop the area overnight Tuesday, with expectations for it to lift by late Wednesday morning. During this period, visibility could dramatically drop to near zero, presenting significant challenges for travellers.

Safety Recommendations for Motorists

Drivers encountering reduced visibility are urged to reduce speed, maintain a vigilant lookout for the tail lights of vehicles ahead, and be ready to stop if necessary. The sudden onset of dense fog can rapidly alter driving conditions, making it crucial for motorists to adjust their driving accordingly to ensure safety.

Navigating the Advisory

Travel during this time is anticipated to be perilous due to the diminished visibility in certain locales. Those venturing into the affected areas should prepare for potential delays and consider postponing non-essential travel until conditions improve.

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