Sioux Lookout Enjoys Sunny Start, But Get Ready for Bitter Wind Chill

Sioux Lookout Weather Desk

SIOUX LOOKOUT – WEATHER – Sioux Lookout, bundle up and enjoy the sunshine! While the current temperature sits at -17°C with clear skies, the wind chill makes it feel like a biting -23°C.

Expect this brilliant sunshine to continue throughout the day but be aware that the wind chill will linger making it feel like -6°C this afternoon despite a high reaching -4°C. Remember the UV index is low at 1 today.

As the sun sets, partly cloudy skies will move in, and temperatures will drop significantly. Prepare for a low of minus 18°C with a wind chill making it feel more like -25°C overnight.

Wednesday looks to bring a mix of sun and cloud, with winds shifting to the east. The high will reach a slightly warmer plus 2°C, but the wind chill will remain brutal at minus 25°C in the morning. Snow flurries are possible by Wednesday night.

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