PayPal Launches All-in-One Payment Solution for Canadian Businesses

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New solution simplifies payments, expands options, and protects businesses for improved growth

TORONTO – Business – PayPal today announced the Canadian launch of PayPal Complete Payments. This solution revolutionizes how small and mid-sized businesses across Canada, including those in Northwestern Ontario, can accept payments both online and in the global marketplace.

Businesses in the region can now easily accept a wide range of payment options, including PayPal, Apple Pay®, Google Pay™️, credit and debit cards, along with over 20+ alternative methods used around the world. This increased flexibility gives customers more choice at checkout, potentially boosting sales and reducing abandoned purchases.

“Giving customers choices in how they pay is crucial for any business, especially in today’s e-commerce focused world,” said Nitin Prabhu, Vice President, Small Business and Financial Services, PayPal. “PayPal Complete Payments helps small businesses simplify their payment processes, reach broader markets, and benefit from enhanced fraud protection – all keys to sustainable growth.”

Key benefits for Northwestern Ontario businesses:

  • Improved customer experience: Seamless checkout options reduce friction and encourage shoppers to complete transactions.
  • Global reach: Accept payments from around the world with localized payment methods preferred by customers in different countries.
  • Fraud and chargeback protection: PayPal’s industry-leading security measures reduce risks for businesses.
  • Simplified operations: Single integration and consolidated reporting can save time and resources for small teams.
  • Competitive pricing: Market-leading rates and transparent fee structures.

Learn more: You can learn more about PayPal Complete Payments here.

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