Vermilion Bay and Dryden Weather Outlook for March 2 2024

Weather Update - snow plow

Vermilion Bay and Dryden Brace for Winter Weather: A Special Weather Statement in Effect

A Cloudy Start with Snow on the Horizon

DRYDEN – WEATHER – Early this morning, residents of Vermilion Bay and Dryden experienced cloudy skies with temperatures hovering around -6°C at the Dryden airport. The current conditions include a north-northeast wind at 8 km/h, creating a wind chill that makes it feel like -10°C.

With visibility at 16 km, the day begins with a clear view, despite the chilly temperatures. The barometric pressure stands at 101.5 kPa, indicating a stable atmospheric condition for now.

Today: Clouds Give Way to Snow

The day is set to remain mainly cloudy, with periods of light snow expected to start this afternoon. Winds will shift to the northeast at 20 km/h near noon, potentially bringing with them a change in weather patterns.

The temperature is predicted to rise to a high of 0°C, though the wind chill will remain a factor, feeling like -9°C in the morning. The UV index is low at 2, suggesting minimal sun exposure risks but indicating the need for warm clothing.

Tonight: A Snowy and Potentially Slippery Evening

Snow is expected to cease overnight, but the skies will remain cloudy with a 60 percent chance of further snowfall. There is also a risk of freezing drizzle overnight, which, combined with local blowing snow after midnight, could make travel conditions treacherous. The expected snow accumulation is around 5 cm, with northeast winds intensifying to 30 km/h and gusting up to 50 km/h.

The temperature will drop to a low of -2°C, with the wind chill making it feel closer to -9°C.

The Weekend Forecast: A Mixture of Snow and Freezing Rain

Sunday will remain cloudy, with a 60 percent chance of snow in the morning and early afternoon, followed by snow or freezing rain beginning in the afternoon. The risk of freezing drizzle continues into the early afternoon, adding to the precariousness of outdoor conditions.

East winds will persist at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h, with temperatures reaching a high of 0°C and a wind chill of -9°C in the morning. The UV index will remain low at 1.

The situation will evolve into Sunday night with either rain or snow and a low of -10°C. Monday’s forecast predicts cloudy skies with a high of -6°C and cloudy periods continuing into the night, with temperatures plummeting to -19°C.

Special Weather Statement: Preparing for the Incoming System

A Special Weather Statement highlights a low-pressure system set to affect northwestern Ontario this weekend, with snow expected to begin late Saturday afternoon or evening. The snow may be heavy at times and accompanied by blowing snow, reducing visibility and making travel conditions hazardous.

By Sunday morning, the snow may mix with ice pellets or turn to freezing rain or drizzle before concluding Sunday evening. There remains uncertainty regarding the system’s track, which will influence the heaviest snowfall locations and the type of precipitation on Sunday. Residents are advised to stay informed as winter weather advisories or warnings may be issued.

Wardrobe Recommendations

Given the forecast, residents should dress in warm, layered clothing, including a waterproof outer layer to protect against snow and potential freezing rain. Footwear with good traction is essential to navigate slippery surfaces safely.

Weather Trivia: Northwestern Ontario’s Winter Challenges

Vermilion Bay and Dryden, like much of northwestern Ontario, are accustomed to navigating the challenges of winter weather. From sudden snowfalls to the complexities of freezing rain, the region’s weather patterns underscore the importance of preparedness and the resilience of its communities.

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