Winnipeg Outlook Includes a Winter Storm: Weather Forecast and Special Weather Statement in Effect

Winter Weather Alert Yellow

Winnipeg – WEATHER – Winnipeg is experiencing a chilly start at -7°C at 6:15 am CST, under clear skies, as the city and southern Manitoba prepare for a significant weather event.

A Special Weather Statement has been issued, alerting residents to an impending winter storm set to bring a mix of snow, rain, freezing rain, and possible thunder.

Current conditions feature a humidity level of 73% and brisk southeast winds at 21 km/h, creating a wind chill of -14°C.

However, the calm of this morning’s weather belies the turbulent conditions forecasted for the weekend. Here’s a detailed look at today’s weather and the impending storm.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

The day begins with sunshine, transitioning to a mix of sun and cloud by the afternoon. Winds from the south will intensify to 30 km/h, gusting up to 50 km/h, before easing around noon.

Despite the chilly start, temperatures are expected to reach a high of +2°C, with a morning wind chill of -11°C.

Special Weather Statement Highlights
  • Impending Winter Storm: Southern Manitoba, including Winnipeg, is on alert for a strong winter storm this weekend, anticipated to bring snow, rain, freezing rain, and potential thunder.
  • Snowfall: Starting Saturday evening, significant snow accumulations of 20 to 30 cm are expected west and north of the Red River Valley. Transition to freezing rain and rain is possible in southeast Manitoba, including the Red River Valley, Saturday night.
  • Winds: Strong winds with gusts up to 80 km/h are forecasted for Saturday night and Sunday, leading to low visibility in blowing snow and making travel hazardous.
  • Uncertain Track: The storm’s exact path remains uncertain, with details on the precipitation types and locations to be clarified as the event nears.

Weekend Forecast

  • Saturday: The day will see increasing cloudiness with north winds at 30 km/h, gusting to 50 km/h, and a high of -6°C. The wind chill could reach -19°C in the morning.
  • Sunday: Snow, accompanied by local blowing snow and windy conditions, is expected. High temperatures will hover around -4°C.

Precautionary Measures

Residents are advised to monitor weather updates closely and prepare for deteriorating conditions. Limiting unnecessary travel, securing loose items outdoors, and having winter emergency kits ready are recommended steps to ensure safety during the storm.

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